2014 Mid Term Elections

Where In The World Is Barack™: Today The POTUSA & The FLOTUSA Are At The National September 11 Memorial & Museum Dedication Ceremony.


By Jueseppi B.




White House Schedule – May 15, 2014


Office of the Press Secretary
THURSDAY, MAY 15th, 2014


THURSDAY, MAY 15th, 2014


On Thursday, the President and the First Lady will tour the National September 11th Memorial and Museum; the President will also deliver remarks at the dedication ceremony. Following his remarks, the President and the First Lady will return to Washington, DC.


In the morning, the President and the First Lady will tour the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Following this tour, the President will deliver remarks at a dedication ceremony. The tour will be covered by the travel pool, and the President’s remarks will be pooled for cameras and open to limited correspondents


In the afternoon, the President and First Lady will depart New York City en route Washington, DC. The departure from John F. Kennedy International Airport and the arrival on the South Lawn are open press.


Thursday May 15th, All Times ET


9:40 AM: The President and First Lady tour the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Memorial Hall and Museum, New York.


10:00 AM: The President delivers remarks at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Foundation Hall, New York.


11:00 AM: The Vice President delivers remarks at the 33rd Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, U.S. Capitol.


11:20 AM: The President and First Lady depart New York, John F. Kennedy International Airport.


12:15 PM: The President and First Lady arrive Joint Base Andrews.


12:30 PM: The President and First Lady arrive at the White House, South Lawn.


On Friday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.





White House LIVE!! Streaming


Next Up…


May 15, 2014 10:00 AM EDT
President Obama Speaks at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum
New York, New YorkWhite House LIVE!! Streaming



GreenGov Workshop on Renewable Energy Purchasing and Deployment


Published on May 14, 2014

The White House hosts a workshop about the purchase and deployment of renewable energy, May 14, 2014.




May 15, 2014 11:00 AM EDT
Vice President Biden Speaks at the 33rd Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service
Audio Only
Washington, DC, White House LIVE!! Streaming



Speeches and Remarks/Statements and Releases


Remarks by the President at DSCC Dinner – NY, NY


Remarks by the President on Building a 21st Century Infrastructure


Readout of the Vice President’s Meeting with Croatian President Ivo Josipović


Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, 5/14/14


President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts


Statement by the Press Secretary on the Turkish Mining Collapse


FACT SHEET – Building a 21st Century Infrastructure: Modernizing Infrastructure Permitting



Statement by the Press Secretary on the Central African Republic

In late 2012, armed groups began a rebellion that sparked a period of devastating instability, lawlessness, and anarchy in the Central African Republic (CAR) that led to the overthrow of its government in early 2013.  Escalating violence and human rights abuses set the stage for the eruption of sectarian conflict by December 2013.  Communities that have lived together peacefully for generations are being torn apart along sectarian lines.  More than 2.5 million of the country’s 4.6 million people need humanitarian assistance.  Approximately one million people have been displaced.  Growing attacks perpetrated by both Muslim and Christian militias have brought CAR to a crisis of disastrous proportions.


That is why today President Obama issued a new Executive Order declaring a national emergency and authorizing the imposition of sanctions to deal with the threat posed by the situation in the CAR.  The Executive Order also imposes sanctions on five individuals – sending a powerful message that impunity will not be tolerated and that those who threaten the stability of the CAR will face consequences.  Today’s actions follows the UN Security Council’s unanimous vote in January to establish a sanctions regime against those responsible for instability and atrocities in the CAR, and the listing of three individuals by the UN Security Council CAR Sanctions Committee on May 9.


The United States continues to work with the international community, regional partners, and CAR’s transitional authorities to help set the country on a path toward recovery.  We strongly support the African Union, French, and European Union forces who have been working to reestablish security for the people of the CAR, and the UN peacekeepers who will continue their heroic work.  We stand with the courageous individuals who continue to call for peace and reconciliation.  We will continue to provide support to the Transitional Government as it works to restore governance and pave the way for a return to an elected government, and to deliver humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict.  We urge all parties to end the violence, to ensure justice and accountability for perpetrators of human rights abuses, and to work together to forge a brighter and more prosperous future for all Central Africans.



Camille Lepage Photojournalist (January 28, 1988 — May 9, 2014)



The death of the French freelance photojournalist Camille Lepageon assignment in the Central African Republic is a tragic loss to journalism. The 26-year-old’s body was found in a car between Bouar and Garoua Boualai the west of the Central African Republic, on the road to Cameroon.

“The body of Ms Lepage was found by an Operation Sangaris patrol which stopped a vehicle being driven by anti-balaka fighters in the Bouar region,” the Elysée Palace said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Photojournalist world is deeply shocked by the tragic death of a young journalist who showed extraordinary courage in her work every day.




Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts is new leader of lesbian PAC


By Lynn Sweet


Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts (pictured in 2010) is the new leader of LPAC, the only lesbian-backed political action committee in the U.S. | Sun-Times file photo

Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts (pictured in 2010) is the new leader of LPAC, the only lesbian-backed political action committee in the U.S. | Sun-Times file photo


Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts is the new chair of LPAC, the only lesbian-backed political action committee in the U.S., stepping up to a more visible and active political role as marriage equality and other gay rights battles are increasingly being fought across the nation.

“It’s important to me personally that we get more women and lesbians and bisexual women and transgender women specifically engaged in the political process,” said Ricketts, the first openly gay woman to own a piece of a major league baseball team.

“… I really want to inspire more women to get engaged, because if we don’t play on this field, we forfeit when decisions are made about our lives.”

I was talking to Ricketts, a Wilmette resident, about her new LPAC post after she had just returned from Lincoln, Neb., where the family put aside their political differences to join brother Pete on Tuesday, when he won the GOP nomination for Nebraska governor.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Pete today,” she said.

The Nebraska-raised Ricketts siblings, besides owning the Cubs and sitting on its board, are political players, though they don’t all go to bat for the same teams.

Laura, a member of the Democratic National Committee executive committee, is taking over LPAC at a time when brother Todd is the CEO of Ending Spending, a major conservative PAC founded by their father, and brother Pete narrowly clinched his six-way primary in a plurality win with 28.48 percent of the vote, according to the Nebraska Board of Elections.

The Cubs are led by brother Tom, the more apolitical Ricketts sibling.

“We don’t always agree on a good number of issues, but we love each other very much and respect each other’s viewpoint,” Ricketts told me. If elected, Pete will make an “outstanding” governor, she said.

She helped create LPAC in 2011, and since its founding the group has raised $1.2 million. Ricketts said her immediate fundraising task is to add $1 million to the LPAC war chest.

Ricketts was one of President Barack Obama’s biggest fundraisers in the 2012 re-election campaign, and in January she was a guest at first lady Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party at the White House.

“Our goal is to help elect pro-lesbian, pro-women candidates to public office whether they are men or women, straight or gay, Republican or Democrat” and to “build a strategic, powerful visible donor network among lesbians nationwide,” she said.

While open to backing Republicans, the first wave of the LPAC 2014 endorsements includes 15 contenders — a mix of Democratic federal and state candidates, including Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn — and a move against a Tennesse anti-abortion ballot initiative.

To win LPAC backing, a candidate has to support ending LGBT discrimination; be for reproductive freedom; “quality health care,” and “advancing social, racial and economic justice for all Americans.”

Said Ricketts on why she is upping her game: “There is so much more work to be done and women’s rights are facing an assault on an ever-growing number of fronts.”

Thank you Ms. Lynn Sweet.

She’s a Democrat and a Liberal…..wonder why?


#BringBackOurGirls #BringBackOurDaughters






New Zealanders support Bring Back Our Girls campaign



Out Of Maryland, A Cry For Nigeria: ‘Bring Back Our Girls!’


‘Bring back our girls’: Dozens rally in downtown Portland for Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram


Interview: “Bring back our girls,” UN official says


Lawmakers Mull Special Forces to Find Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls


Associated Press: Nigeria Opens The Door For Talks With Boko Haram.


Nigeria Refuses To Swap Militant Prisoners For Kidnapped Girls. New Video. #BringBackOurGirls.


Brand New Boko Haram Video Shows Missing Kidnapped Nigerian Girls. #BringBackOurGirls


The Bring Back Our Girls Hashtag Campaign.


#BringBackOurGirls #BringBackOurDaughters: The Global Village.


Report: Nigerian Military Knew Of Kidnapping Threat Hours Beforehand

#BringBackOurGirls: U.S. Vows To Help Nigeria In The Search For Kidnapped Girls. #BringBackOurDaughters.


#BringBackOurGirls: Extremist Islam Is Scared Of Little Girls.


Petitioning All World Leaders: Bring Back Nigeria’s 200 Missing School Girls #BringBackOurGirls.


#BringBackOurGirls – Part 1


#BringBackOurGirls – Part 2


#BringBackOurGirls – Part 3






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  1. Fascinating discussion on Green/Renewable Energy, sat her listening. Why do we not hear more about these things, could it be because it runs so contrary to the GOP cretins and their climate denial flag waving.

    More good use of the Presidents Executive Order authority!

    Interesting LPac, truly the family dynamics are similar to the Cheney’s but obviously not as toxic.


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