‘Arsenio Hall’ Show Cancelled After Only 1 Season


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    • I watched it a few times and was disappointed that he just rehashed the old show format and didn’t do much new stuff. And he gravitated toward a mostly Black guest list, which don’t sit well with caucasian folk. He should have had a cross section of race for his guest. My opinion.


      • It was a doofus attempt to capture the ols show, epic fail. Here in Iowa it was on a Fox affiliate, not CBS, or is CBS owned by Fox or visa versa?


      • Don’t know, honestly. I thought CBS owned the rights and distributed which would make them responsible for advertising dollars no matter who carried the show in different markets.

        I don’t where it was shown here.


      • I learned something today from you, I was not aware a network ever sold a show to a network other than a wholly owned subsidiary before that show went into syndication as a re-run. I know for a fact his show is carried by a Fox Network and that why I don’t watch it very much, I hate Fox.


      • As do I. But please, don’t take my word for it, it is only my limited understanding of the industry based on some of the work I have done and some people I know.


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