The Last 24™: Videos.










The Last 24™: Videos.




Surge in child immigrants crossing U.S.-Mexico border




Secretary Hagel Testifies on Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange: President Obama Made Final Decision




June 11 House Armed Services Hearing on Bowe Bergdahl Exchange




A billboard on display before it was announced he'd be released in exchange for five detainees at Guantanamo.



Defense Secretary Scolds Rep. Over Bergdahl’s Health




Leave Bowe Bergdahl Alone!




There’s a War Within The Republican Party




Cantor Announces Plans to Resign Leadership Post




Trucker in Tracy Morgan Crash Arraigned in NJ Court




Sun releases massive solar flare – NASA video




Brad Paisley Reunites With Army Officer




Senator Warren’s Remarks After “Bank on Students” Vote




Raw: Rio Statue Lit Up in Colors for World Cup




Obama Makes Starbucks Run




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  1. I always enjoy Pres. Obama’s impromptu trips.

    I’m conflicted on this surge of illegal immigrants. If they think they can get away with coming here illegally, the whole population of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala will never stop trying. I’ve been watching the talk shows, especially the Hispanic guests, and seriously, there are subtle hints that Democrats should do something about this….. favorably, of course. Reminds me of this….. You lend a helping hand, they’ll take your whole arm. I’m really sorry…. I’m a bit conservative on illegal immigration. I’m an immigrant too, and shouldn;t think this way,I know, but we followed the laws of the US,. we applied for an immigrant visa, and it took 16 years before our visas were approved.

    I don’t know. We might as well open the borders and letall with sob stories to come in. Pres. Obama has been doing the right thing so far. But he has to tread carefully, and not be pressured by these latest events.


  2. Well I think Hagel let them have a piece of his mind, good for him. I am so tired of the political BS around the Sgt and his family.

    Elizabeth Warren, love her. Truly, she is so good.

    The solar flare was very cool. I love science!

    This Brat person, he has been funded by the Koch brothers. The more I learn the scarier it becomes.


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