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The White House Weekend™



Bringing Our Workplace Policies into the 21st Century


Weekly Address: Bringing Our Workplace Policies into the 21st Century




In this week’s address, the President previewed Monday’s first-ever White House Summit on Working Families where he will bring together businesses leaders and workers to discuss the challenges that working parents face every day and lift up solutions that are good for these families and American businesses. Many working families can’t afford basic needs like childcare or receive simple benefits such as paid family leave that are common in most countries around the world.


When hardworking Americans are forced to choose between work and family, America lags behind in a global economy. To stay competitive and economically successful, America needs to bring our workplace policies into the 21st century.




Mensaje De La Casa Blanca

June 21, 2014 | 4:17 | Public Domain


En el mensaje de esta semana, Katherine Archuleta, la Directora de Personal de los Estados Unidos habló sobre la primera Cumbre de Familias Trabajadoras organizada por la Casa Blanca y las necesidades básicas de familias trabajadoras en este país. Prestaciones que permitan ausencia del trabajo, el cuidado de los niños, y la remuneración justa ayudarán a las madres y los padres de familia trabajadores que merecen mejores políticas laborales en sus trabajos.







It’s a rainy Saturday and President Barack Obama has no scheduled events. On Sunday, the First Couple host a reception for  Ford’s Theater.




On Saturday, the President has no public events scheduled.

On Sunday, the President and First Lady will host a reception for the Ford’s Theater in the East Room.


Sunday, June 22, 2014 4:30 PM: THE PRESIDENT and FIRST LADY host a reception for Ford’s Theater, East Room.



Schedule for the Week of June 23, 2014




The White House Summit on Working Families: Addressing The Needs Of Working Families In America.


On Monday, the President will participate in the Summit on Working Families to focus on creating a 21st century workplace that works for all Americans at the Omni Hotel in Washington, DC. The Vice President, the First Lady and Dr. Biden will also participate.


On Tuesday, the President will host the 2013 Presidents Cup Teams at the White House.


On Wednesday, the President will have lunch with Israeli President Shimon Peres at the White House.  Afterward, the President will welcome Jimmie Johnson to the White House to honor him for his 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship. In the evening, the President will deliver remarks at the League of Conservation Voters Capital Dinner.


On Thursday, the President will travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota.


On Friday, the President and First Lady will attend the Marine Barracks Evening Parade in Washington, DC.





















Is The Bible Really Hillary’s Favorite Book Or Is She A Politician?




The #2 Religion In The US May Surprise You




6/20/14: White House Press Briefing




Bomb Attack at China Police Station: 13 shot dead




Clueless White Texas Commissioners Accidentally Vote to Back Slavery Reparations




Crybaby Banker Sues Because His $8 Million Bonus Is Too Small




The Mississippi Freedom Summer – Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (1/8)




Patriotism and Lynching – Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (2/8)






President Obama Gets First 3D-Printed Presidential Portrait.


Weekly Wrap Up: VP At The World Cup, Robotic Giraffes, The Medal of Honor, West Wing Week, The Twitter Storm™ And More.


First Lady Michelle Obama To DC-CAP Graduates: “Despite It All, You Chose to Succeed.”


Parade Magazine: The President & First Lady Michelle Obama On Work, Family, And Juggling It All.


TheObamaCrat™ SoapBox: The Dumbfuckery Edition. NSFW Or Kids.


Meet The Amazon Smartphone: This Is The New “Fire” Phone.


Erica Lafferty, Everytown For Gun Safety: A Video Message From Richard Martinez.





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  1. Twitter Storm was great today! Had several good giggles.

    Glad someone called Hilary on the whole Bible thing, I was a bit appalled by that one, lets be honest it isn’t really.

    The distribution of religions across the nation was very interesting, so was the discussion. I thought the Bahai’ in SC was really interesting, who would have thought.

    Crybaby? This isn’t quite what I would call him, but okay this is polite.


  2. It would be good if the U.S. could index salaries and duties at each company.

    How are you today? I’m working all over the map today: Parent support, learning, reading, collecting info for parents, etc.


      • The stupidest things happen to me… I can’t get to this website: http://surfnetparents.com/

        I’ve talked with the owner Barbara Feldman and the website is up, but for some reason my computer will not go to it. I can get to her other sites like:

        In my other life I must have been a street-walking @#$%&. I hope I had fun because I’m getting paid back for it now.😦

        Bad things come in threes…


      • I get to both sites, do you have virus protection that prevents you from going to some sites? You may have to clear your cache.


      • I run LiveUpdate every one to three days and I clear my cache as often – I cleaned it yesterday and today. My engineer/husband says there is problem with the local DNS server because I first keyed in it as comma com instead of dot com. I checked and he may be right. We cannot fix it, only the server can. It gets wiped out every so often.

        The stupidest things happen to me… that is the website where I re-publish all my articles. I know the woman who publishes them over there but I will have to explain the issue and see if she is willing to do it by hand.
        🙂 I’m tough… I needed more problems.


      • I can be very sarcastic… The time I’ve spent on this is time I have to make up; I should have been writing.

        I tell you because you have good ideas. And I can let you say the things I can only think – you know, those swear words.


      • When I start thinking ‘how much,’ that is how I got into trouble in my first life. 3:)

        Behave yo’ bad self!😉


      • At least one other than this one. In a previous life I was very bad and now in this life, I pay for the bad things then. Seriously, if I wrote a book about it, not one soul would believe it. I’d have to label it fiction.


      • I worked on a book until my mother died. The day she died was Halloween 1996 and it was very appropriate; at her death the book ended. I did not want to write a “Mommy Dearest” after she died. It would seem like I waited till she could not defend herself.

        My mother was very abusive. And she let my older brother abuse me. I was at their mercy until I left home at 17. An uncle and three of my father’s drinking buddies molested me and one of those buddies raped me.

        I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out all that and deal with it. Remember when I told you about the DNA and brain changes when a child is abused? How and why do you think I learned all that.

        I’ve lived an extraordinary life but I cannot do anything about that now, this is why I work with parents, so they don’t do to their kids what was done to me.

        That’s my book in a nutshell. Ethics prevent me from writing that book.


      • Normal is relative, normal in regards to whom/what? What is normal? 😈 I Love You Jack, normal or not normal.😉


      • Thinking about all that, when I left home at 17, whenever anyone called my name I would break out in a cold sweat. It took a long time and I was very shy. After I came to Jersey in 1979, a move that many protested, I found freedom and my voice. From that time I have been cheerful and outgoing. Some said I was too friendly but that is how we grow up.

        I love me, too. Thanks.


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