2014 Mid Term Elections

The Twitter Storm™









The Twitter Storm™


Social Media, Specifically Twitter, Has Become The Fastest Most Reliable Way To Get News And Stay Updated On Current Events/Issues. The Twitter Storm™ Is My Way Of Adding Fun & A Snappy Witt To Delivering Tweets From The Twitterverse.


Yes, You Are Being Dragged Into The 22nd Century Of Social Media….Kicking & Screaming.  ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ




The Twitter Storm™















































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  1. My older brother went on his first hunt at the age of six; I knew of kids younger than that on their first hunt. There are still people in NC who hunt for food that are responsible, law abiding, respectable members of the community. And then there are gun nuts who buy guns to have them for the “next war.” These are the kind who buy assault weapons to brag about them and show off. There is a difference. The good gun owners distance themselves from the gun nuts.

    How are you today, Bro? You do good things, I like that. I’m going to get busy and see if I can throw a few words together. It has to be better than yesterday.😉


    • I am good Jack, now about good gun owners: You can’t separate the two, because how does one know a good gun owner from a gun nut? They don’t wear signs identifying themselves. I understand the difference between the two but I can not tell one from another, and if you remove access to guns for gun nuts, you must also remove access for responsible gun owners. The 2nd amendment was never written for any reason other than arming slave owners in case of slave uprisings and revolt. America has no need for the 2nd amendment and it should be repealed ASAP because America has a well regulated militia and it’s called The United States Of America Military Forces. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and all the state, federal and county law enforcement agencies that were not around when these caucasian forefathers feared for their racist lives on December 15, 1791, when this document was adopted.

      I am against any human being owning, possessing or using weapons of mass death. On this we will have to disagree. I love and respect you 3 metric tons. I wish you always a better day today than yesterday, that way it just gets better daily. ❤ 😉


      • Good gun owners go to the woods and gun nuts go to the streets and now stores. The military does not hunt food. Black people hunt food just like whites where I’m from: Deer, squirrels, rabbits, ‘possums, wild boar and so on. Your ideal world without guns will never happen, simply because there are too many. It would take hundreds of years for them to be unusable.

        If I could wish away all weapons of any kind and get rid of the technology used to make them I would. I wish that for exactly the same reasons as you, Bro, but that will not happen within generations upon generations. I have to live in the here and now, though, and I am proud and pleased to have you, Bro, as a friend.❤🙂


      • We are more than friends my dear sister. It would indeed happen with a quickness, gun repeal, if a tragedy so horrific happen that thousands of humans in AmeriKKKa were massacred by guns in one single event. I would gladly be one of those thousands if it changed the gun laws in America.


      • You are a very special woman Jack. I am so happy and content to have known you thru this medium. The tireless work you do daily inspires me. Bless you.


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