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5-Year Old Fatally Shoots Sister With His Shiny New Rifle; Grandma Says It Was ‘God’s Will’.












Excuse my language but this fuckin bull shit gun moron mentality is making my asshole need a drink of water……..


5-Year Old Fatally Shoots Sister With His Shiny New Rifle; Grandma Says It Was ‘God’s Will’

He added that in the area it is not uncommon for parents to give their young children weapons. “In this part of the country, it’s not uncommon for a 5-year-old to have a gun or for a parent to pass one down to their kid,” he said.


The rifle that killed Caroline Sparks is a Crickett single-shot, and has a child safety, according to Cumberland County Coroner Gary White. The company’s web site features three .22-caliber rifle models for children and the slogan, “My first rifle.”


The family, while upset, is happy that little Caroline is in a “better place.”


“It was God’s will. It was her time to go, I guess,” grandmother Linda Riddle told WLEX. “I just know she’s in heaven right now and I know she’s in good hands with the Lord


Slide Show Of Caucasian Gun Moron Dumbfuckery


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Evolve — Playthings

Published on Jun 25, 2014

Play things: kids find everything. Their play things….and yours. Have a gun? Lock it up.




Dildo Fight! An Awesome Gun Safety Ad


Published on Jun 27, 2014

It would be mortifying if this happened to anybody! Can you imagine if these kids had found and were playing with guns. We love this ad. In the year following Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre at least 100 children were unintentionally killed by gun fire. These deaths are completely preventable. You can never be careful enough when it comes to storing your guns.




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  1. These gun radicals are ridiculous! We have guns and my 6 year old daughter shoots this exact same rifle, but off the range she has ZERO access to it, ammo or any other weapon.

    These morons give all responsible gun owners a bad name! I hope the parents were put in prison for this…


    • These people are morons guided by the NRAssholes who care only about gun manufactures profits. Human lives mean nothing so thats why the GOP = Guns Over People.


  2. Reblogged this on GetRealWithDarylandDeVon@.Wordpress.Com and commented:
    So sick of these deranged imbeciles that shouldn’t even be trusted with a squirt gun let alone a real one. This kid and his unnecessarily deceased sister never stood a chance with the sub-human slime that spawned them both. Grandma lost her mind and her rotten teeth long ago blowing the balls of the Grandpappy AKA her brother. Fucking ridiculous!!!!


    • The absolutely amazing thing is nobody has dies …recently…from a dildo, or a vibrator, or any sex toy. 30,000 Americans a year die from guns. We are a nation of dumbfuckery. Thank you for rebloggin this nand sharing this message.


  3. ‘God’s Will’? No God I know sends children to earth to be shot. The pink gun is disgusting but nothing surprises me anymore.


  4. This makes me want to cry, truly I just want to sit and cry. This as always points out the absolute stupidity and ignorance of one entire group of our nation who have no notion of what they are training their children to become.

    (love the background, love them)


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