First Lady Michelle Obama Graces The Cover Of ESSENCE’s August Issue.

By Jueseppi B. The Militant Negro.

By Jueseppi B. The Militant Negro.










From  Essence Magazine:


First Lady Michelle Obama Graces The Cover Of ESSENCE’s August Issue.


First Lady Michelle Obama has always been vocal about her passion for higher learning, and this month she expounds on that in her candid conversation with ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Vanessa K. Bush. A big part of the recipe for success has to do with nurturing reslience in our children, she says.


“I know I tell my kids all the time that they shouldn’t shy away from difficult things, because that is the point at which you are really growing. It’s not just about grades or test scores. Today our kids may shy away from applying to college if they think they don’t have the right grade or test score. But the truth is that the kids who succeed and go on to be successful professionals are the ones who know how to work hard,” says Mrs. Obama.


And in order to even get that far, she says, they have to see education as an opportunity and take advantage of that kind of foundation.


“We cannot waste the opportunity that we have here in America, especially as African-Americans. Our ancestors fought and bled and died so that we could go to school,” she says. “And I still think about that.”


It’s a message she’s drilled into her daughters. “We talk about responsibility and accountability, about making sure that they’re not wasting the opportunities they’re given. We make sure they know how lucky they are and that, because of that, they have an obligation to have their acts together and to take their education very seriously.”




Thank you Essence Magazine.







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    • Thats why she is hated by racist caucasians the country over. A Strong Black man scares the fuck oughta caucasians but a Strong Black Woman makes racist caucasian men shit themselves.


  1. Brains & Brawn. I love Michelle Obama’s straightforward, uncompromising way. I will add this issue to my trove of articles, et al, that I began for my own children. “Lest we forget”.


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