Someone You Should Know: The Grand Diva Scarlet.









clark gable & vivien leigh - gone with the wind 1939


I had the pleasure of meeting a woman recently, a true Southern Belle Diva, but with a twist. She has stolen my heart.  Now it will be up to you, the reader, to decide if she is real or a figment of my perverted imagination…..welcome to my Twilight Zone.


Scarlet is a woman but unlike any woman you’ve ever encountered. Her history is less than stellar. Her past is far from perfect. Scarlet is a woman, in every sense and by every definition of the word, who has more than survived the horror life served her at a very young age. Scarlet blossomed and morphed into a glowing, intelligent, savvy, gorgeous, warm, loving female full of wisdom and a sense of right and high morals.


Scarlet is indeed a diva, and she represents what the word diva was originally meant to be; The word entered the English language in the late 19th century. It is derived from the Italian noun diva, a female deity. The plural of the word in English is “divas”; in Italian, dive. The basic sense of the term is goddess, the feminine of the Latin word divus.




My Scarlet is unique in that she is the type of woman who can melt ice with her voice, but would rather not be in a climate where ice exist. Scarlet has warmth and love and southern manners that will charm a snake, but would never associate with snakes in reptile or human form. This women knows full well just how to be the ultimate lady in public, and a perfect, well mannered, erotic volcano behind closed doors.


She is full of life, fun to be around, makes time disappear, convinces you that you are the single most important person, place or thing on the planet. Her voice will transport you to what heaven must surly be like AND she has the ability to make one laugh out loud, when one is not accustomed to even smiling.  Her personality is sugah with just a hint of gasoline.


Sometime in life we reach a point where we give up on love, romance, eroticism, laughing, feeling, hope and happiness, that is shared with another human of the opposite gender….or the same gender, depending on one’s sexual orientation. Finding that link to another human being is magical. That discovery transports us to our Garden Of Eden. Takes us from the mud based Lilith to the rib created Eve. We find our “rib.”




Scarlet can soothe you into comfort or cut you to the bone, depending on how you effect her heart, soul, body, mind and spirit. She is wise in the ways of the world. She touches your long cold heart and brings you out of the darkness of Reality, into the bright sunshine of Hopeland….whether you wish to walk through Hopelands gate or not.


Scarlet is a 100 faceted diamond among flawed, cloudy, uncut stones. Her brilliance will blind you at times but warm you constantly. If you are not careful, you will forget the nasty, evil, dangerous world outside Hopeland. Scarlet is just that all consuming, she works to bring balance to your world, and she is successful.


Every Grown Assed Man needs his Scarlet. If you have never had a Scarlet in your life, you are missing out on joy, happiness and utter bliss. Now it takes a minute to locate your Scarlet, took me 14 years after losing my family to a car crash. I was not ready for Scarlet. She arrived just in the nick of time. Had she walked into my life before now, I would not have been ready.




Scarlet is a whirlwind of positive energy, and a Grown Assed Man must be ready to absorb all that heavenly glory. A Grown Assed Man must appreciate his Scarlet. You can’t fear Scarlet or hamper her spirit because you are not man enough to bask in her glow. One can never stifle a rose as it blooms, and Scarlet is a forever blooming Rose Of Texas.


As with most Roses, Scarlet needs love, caring, warmth, attention, tilling of the soil and nourishment….if you want your Scarlet to bloom, glow and reach her full potential of magnificent beauty.


ALL Grown Assed Men need a Scarlet. And it is imperative that Grown Assed Men recognize when their Scarlet is right in front of them. One must have reached a maturity level that allows ones common sense to take control when it comes to all Scarlets. She will need to be “courted”, thats an old school term, so Google it if you don’t know. Honor, cherish, protect and worship…..yes I said worship, your Scarlet because if you fail to do so, some other gardener will be caring for your Scarlet, this magnificent Texas Rose.



youre-no-lady-scarlett-ohara (1)



Yes, I realize this is a bit of a stretch from my usual political blog post, but I was inspired by an event that I observed occur today and thought I should introduce you to my Scarlet.


Is she real, or an occupant of my imagination.





Now back to our regularly scheduled programming……….


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  1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
    My thoughts are after reading it over twice with intent🙂 I’m believing you have met and discovered a portion of your Scarlet in a few who have captured a moment in your heart. I have to say your Scarlet is real while at the same time I tend to believe that she is not housed in one vessel. Hence my opening choice of expression as the feeling must be Euphoric.. and well deserved of course. My female diagnoses🙂


      • Ok, is that a hint that I didn’t leave my usual closing tag on this response mr Peas….?? jus asking


      • You lost me, I had surgery last week on my feet because of diabetes and I may not be playing with a full deck, refresh me on what I said that made you leave this comment? How are you doing?


  2. Why darlin’ that was truly inspired. Scarlet surely must have been waiting a long time for her Grown Assed Man to come along, I can assure you, all Scarlet’s need a Grown Assed Man and will always equally love and honor them when they find them (I have this on very good authority).


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