Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs

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Yesterday hubby & I took the Metra to Chicago.
We took the scenic route off the train station to Wrigley Field.
Scenic – because we missed a turn – Oops!
Anywho – we re-routed a couple of blocks & ended up taking the L.
Despite the time lost – we got to the park with plenty of time to spare before the game.
The game was exciting; and – the people around us made it more entertaining.

Final score: 
Cubs 3
Cardinals 6

Womp, womp, womp.

26July14 Chicago Cubs 1

26July14 Chicago Cubs 2

26July14 Chicago Cubs 3

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  1. I fail to see anything good ever about sitting outside where you might be rained on to watch a baseball game. I do understand however the attraction of history. I suppose this balances things.


    • Allow me to educate you before I go grocery shopping: Baseball was created to be played in the outdoors, under the sun or clouds, in the elements, much as Football. ANY sport played in a damn doom, inside, is against the laws of mankind. I do hope you comprehend my education…..I understand that being from TexASS interferes in understanding how things work.😈


      • In celebration of the 100th year anniversary – they gave away mini replicas of the Ernie Banks’ statue that they have outside the park – to the 1st 10,000 people. Pretty cool – eh?


      • Very cool. I grew up watching Ernie, Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Don Kessinger, Glen Becket, Ron Hundley…I grew up watching those guys….and listening to Jack Brickhouse.


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