WordPress Is Officially Known As WorstPress. Beep Beep Boop Is Now Known As Beep Beep Poop.




Unless you have been under a rock, in a cave, on the ocean floor…..you are in the know about how Worstpress has rolled out it’s new blog post editor known as Beep Beep Boop…but it performs so shitty it is now known as Beep Beep Poop.


Thursday evening around 10 PM, like a thief in the night, Worstpress unveiled this fiasco of bull shit editing, on a sleeping WordPress community of bloggers. I, being a night owl, was aware of this garbage the second they forced it down my throat. I didn’t even get dinner before getting fucked by Worstpress. Can you tell I am unhappy? See, I pay for Worstpress services, and if I am going to be force-fed a change so stupid and so unnecessary and so uncooperative to my bloggin experience, I want to have a say so, about such an unmitigated cluster fuck as this Beep Beep Poop editor.


I won’t go into what makes Beep Beep Poop such a disaster and epic failure but read the support threads and you get reasons from “too slow to load” to “it’s missing things I use everyday for my blog.” Worstpress, being the conceited pricks they are, have refused to listen to our complaints and are even arrogant in telling us to go suck an egg.


My response is….if Worstpress removes all backdoor access to the “classic” editor that has been in use since my arrival in 2011, I will migrate/move MY blog to Go Daddy.com and attempt to organize a mass movement from Worstpress to Go Daddy, which will facilitate a much better rate for us unhappy Worstpress bloggers when we sign up with Go Daddy.com as a group. I am pissed that Worstpress takes my yearly fees for my blog, but refuses to take my voice on such a fucked up change as Beep Beep Poop.


As one blogger mentioned, a class action suit against Worstpress is even on the table and being discussed.


Are you hardheaded pansy asses at Worstpress paying attention?







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  1. I don’t post as much as you do so maybe that is why I don’t seem to be affected. I wish there was something I could do to help. 😦 I hope WordPress gets it together for you.


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