The Huey P. Newton Gun Club: #BlackOpenCarry.

The Militant Negro

The Militant Negro

Huey P. Newton Gun Club and Black Panthers march on MLK Blvd.


Published on Aug 20, 2014

Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. Protesting police brutality and raising awareness of Second-Amendment rights.

(In the video above, the marchers are in the parking lot of Elaine’s Kitchen, a brief stop before they headed down Malcolm X to their final destination, a car wash several blocks away.)



If you were used to seeing this as the only example of Open Carry……



Get ready to be updated…….



Armed Huey P. Newton Gun Activists and Black Panthers Marched Through Dallas Yesterday



The woman in the passing car shouted, “Black power!” And the gun-rights advocates lined up on the sidewalk outside Forest Avenue Baptist Church on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard returned the call. In the heat of a Wednesday afternoon, about 30 black men and a few women, dressed head-to-toe in black, stood with long guns slung around their shoulders. They marched to protest police brutality in general and to encourage gun ownership.


A few groups were represented in the ranks of the marchers, said Charles Goodson, an organizer of the march and head of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, which wants people to know they have the right to own guns. Many marchers had Black Panther patches on their black fatigues. Marcher Priest DeBrazier said the Panthers were there in response to the slaying of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, but Goodson said the march had been planned before Brown’s death August 9.


Either way, several people in the neighborhood joined the march, whether it was to protest police brutality, the situation in Ferguson or just poor race relations in general.


“I’m proud to say I’ve seen Black Panthers in person,” said Ricky Pinkard, who works at a barbershop on MLK. Although he didn’t march, he said he considered their presence a positive thing. To bring about a change in how police treat black people, “we got to come together for something that’s right,” he said.


“They’re demonstrating their free rights as citizens,” Glenn Bragg said of the marchers. He wanted to know why there were several squad cars and at least one unmarked black SUV with blinking blue-and-red lights at a peaceful protest.


One onlooker, who wished to go unnamed, said he’s glad to see people marching for a right he believes many blacks don’t realize they have. Many people carry guns illegally, he said, when they could do it legally.


“We want people to know that we have the right to bear arms,” said DeBrazier, who described himself as a member of the original Black Panther Party who has lived in Dallas for many years. “We want them to know that they have the right to bear arms because a lot of them don’t know.


“This is a teaching moment,” DeBrazier said. “I believe that every black person should have a pistol under their pillow and a shotgun behind the door because the way things are going today, you just don’t know. You got wrongful death by the police. People kicking in the wrong doors. It’s really open season on minorities, black people in particular. Dead men tell no tales. If I’m a police officer and I stop you, it’s my word against yours, but if I kill you, it’s just my word.”



Anthony Zulu, who said he was a member of the original Black Panthers but has lived in Dallas awhile as well, said he thinks what’s happening in Ferguson could potentially happen here. DeBrazier disagreed.


“I don’t think it will get that far,” he said. “This city would blow up. I don’t want anybody to get hurt behind this (movement), but I am glad they are tearing (Ferguson) up. This is not going to be swept under the carpet, and we need to keep this momentum going. Not just in Missouri, but across the United States.This is a problem everywhere.”


“The point is,” Zulu concluded. “People are fed up, man. People are tired of police brutality.”


Bragg, who’s lived in Dallas his entire 63 years, seemed tired, too.


“Dallas is supposed to be an international city,” he said, “but it’s still backwards in race relations.”


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Huey P. Newton Gun Club Holds Dallas Open Carry Rally


By Robert Farago on August 21, 2014 & The Truth About Guns.com


Some 30 African-Americans marched through the streets of South Dallas, Texas on Wednesday. According to myfoxdfw.comThe Huey P. Newton Gun Club “said the show of force served as a reminder of the right to bear arms to protect themselves from criminals and from police.” (Press release after the jump.) “They are trying to protect the community,” said Jacey Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence. Wow! A Mother Against group that’s for guns. Now you’re talking! The march had at least one tense moment . . .


The marchers entered a south Dallas restaurant with their weapons, where Dallas police officers inside were finishing eating lunch.


No info on how that encounter went down, but the lack of information is reassuring enough.


People watched as the marchers worked their way along Malcolm X Boulevard, and Dallas police in a black SUV provided unsolicited security for the demonstrators.


One of them, Drew X with the New Black Panther Party, warned, “If they don’t get these people under control with this police brutality and this abuse, this gonna be an international crisis.”


Unsolicited security? There’s an Orwellian euphemism if I’ve ever heard one. And I’m not sure what Drew X meant by an “international crisis” but I don’t think Russia (for example) is going to care too much about American cops brutalizing the local citizenry.


Anyway, it’s always good to see people arming themselves against oppression and tyranny. TTAG has reached out for an interview/audience.


Huey P. Newtown Gun Club press release:


The recent murders of unarmed black, brown, and whites across the United States of America has eradicated trust in the police. Individuals across this nation have been stripped of due process, subjected to state-sponsored police terrorism, and continue to suffer the fate of being terminated extra-judicially.


In Dallas the police have murdered over 70 unarmed individuals, most of the black and brown men, over the last ten years. Excluding a recent incident where police testimony was contradicted by surveillance footage, there have been no indictments since 1973.


The people, who are gunned down and murdered by violent and militarized police forces, have formed the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, for the specifc purpose of self defense and community policing.

In response, Black and Brown residents of the City of Dallas will conduct the first of an ongoing and necessary armed self defense patrols through our communities in the coming week.


We, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, hereby put forth the following non-negotiable demands and promote these conditions for the protection of our communities:


1. We demand the immediate end to police brutality, harassment, and murder of the people.


2. We assert the right of the people, particularly those of color, to bear arms and protect themselves where local, state, and the federal government have historically failed to do so.


3. We demand that the media, in coordination with police, cease immediately assassinating the character of victims subject to police terrorism.


For more information regarding the upcoming armed self defense patrol in Dallas, TX. contact the Huey P. Newton Gun Club at:


Email: huey_p.newton@mailfence.com


Twitter: @HueyGunClub


Thank you Robert Farago & The Truth About Guns.com



Huey Newton formed the original Black Panther Party with Bobby Seale in 1966. The group instituted a “ten-point program” for helping the African-American community, which included an end to police brutality, upgraded housing for Black communities, and free healthcare for both Black and “oppressed” communities, among other features. He was shot and killed in August 1989 in Oakland, where his career as an activist began.


The wait continues to intensify the anger




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  1. welcome to America aka “racist gunland”!😦 we did survive after 5 years in Houston, TX…
    * * *
    JB, have you heard of the Taubira Law we’ve had in France for 13 years?… it’s a memorial act for recognition of slavery as a crime against humanity, practiced since the 15th century by white populations. Madame Christiane Taubira was born in French Guyana, she’s a black lady, member of the French Parliament:

    May 10th is the Memorial Day for the Remembrance of Slavery and its abolition.


  2. I believe that no one regardless of race or ethnicity should be carrying weapons. The prospect of going into my local grocery store and running into someone carrying a rifle or handgun just creeps me out. And a gun under one’s pillow can only lead to the shooting of someone you didn’t mean to shoot. The statistics show that if a household has a weapon the odds are it will be used by a family member against a family member.


    • Maybe it’s time to educate you on current events. John Crawford was gunned down 2 weeks ago while holding a toy BB gun in a Walmart in the Walmart toy section by Ohio police because some caucasian couple saw him holding this toy BB gun in the toy section. They called the police because a Black man was holding what appeared to them to be a gun. I have seen video and photos of hundreds of caucasian people of all genders and ages open carrying weapons from hand guns to semi automatic assault rifles, not one was stopped, searched or killed for their right to open carry. John Crawford, who had 2 children and one on the way, was murdered because of his skin color and the assumption he was carrying a weapon. If caucasian fuckas can openly carry weapons of death, then so can I, and every person who is not caucasian. You missed the point of this post. Entirely.


      • I think we have a rare disagreement here. I didn’t miss the point. I just don’t thing two wrongs make a right. The justice system will deal differently and more harshly with any black person who kills a white person even is self-defense. If Travon Martin had killed George instead of the other way around, her would not have gotten off.


      • When the laws are for everybody in a society, and not just the caucasians, then you’ll have equality, this goes for Blacks, caucasians, LGBTQA1, and women. If nobody is allowed guns then thats perfect, but caucasians can never have the right to open carry and others do not. Enjoy your weekend.


  3. Listening to the CNN interview, I call BS. Forgiveness is not mandatory for healing! I know this from my own experience. I hate when people talk about forgiveness as if it is some magic potion.

    The rest, as much as I hate guns and open carry I am glad to see this. Until all people are exercising their ‘right’ no people are free and we will not see a change.


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