2014 Mid Term Elections

The ObamaCrat Is Dead. Long Live The MilitantNegro™





In case you didn’t notice, this blog has gone through a small renovation process the past 4 weeks. I had wrestled in the past with what I would rename my blog in 2016 when The President Of The United States Of America, Barack Hussein Obama, left office. Barack helped me with that decision when an UNARMED Michael Brown was slain in the street of Ferguson, Missouri. The President, unwittingly, made the decision for me, just a bit early….two years early.


I used to be an ObamaCrat and follow Barack blindly, but Ferguson Missouri and the murder of Michael Brown, changed my views of Barack Hussein Obama. The President’s total lack of attention, he didn’t pay, to a rash of incidents involving the systematic genocide of Black Americans right here at home by racist AmeriKKKan law enforcement, made me realize Barack didn’t deserve my blind commitment. AmeriKKKa can’t fix the world when freedoms and liberties are denied daily to America’s citizens.


Bowing to political pressure from Democratic politicians who are concerned about having a Democratic President speak out about a racial murder, weeks before the all important Mid Term elections, is NOT why I voted for Barack Hussein Obama, twice. Ignoring the hundreds of murders of Black Americans, mostly Black American males, whom were unarmed and in a position of surrender and submission, is unacceptable to me as a Black male. It’s disgusting when a caucasian President ignores that issue. It’s the worst feeling in the soul and heart when a President who is a person of color ignores it, who happened to campaign on “Hope & Change”, and allows that Black genocide to continue.


Many defend Barack’s lack of involvement and cite his assigning AG Holder and the DOJ to investigate Ferguson. I didn’t vote twice for AG Eric Holder. I voted for MY POTUSA to represent me and to be the “Comforter-In-Chief” to all people in America, not just Sandy Hook victims, Hurricane Sandy victims, Oso, Washington mud slide victims or Aurora shooting victims. The conflict, chaos and racism displayed against the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri by the state of Missouri and county of St. Louis, was despicable, evil, nasty and down right unAmerican. The handling of the American press in Ferguson was and is disgusting and a blatant violation of freedom of the press and freedom of speech.


Our 44th POTUSA was silent on both issues. And still is silent.




President Obama Delivers a Statement on Airstrikes in Syria


Published on Sep 23, 2014

Speaking from the South Lawn at the White House, President Obama delivered an update on the U.S. military airstrikes on ISIL targets in Syria. September 23, 2014.



You can not ask Americans to march into foreign lands and fight for those humans rights & liberties, when right here at home in AmeriKKKa, people have their rights challenged daily. The LGBTQA1 community fights daily to live equally. People Of Color fight daily for freedom & liberty. Women have been fighting for centuries to think for themselves, work for a fair and equal paycheck, get maternity leave and the right to control their bodies and their healthcare. 


The right to vote is being removed for Americans. Benefits for Veterans and the poor are vanishing. Marrying whom you love regardless of gender is fought on every front. Guns kill 30,000 plus in AmeriKKKa annually. Oil and other fossil fuels are choking our planet. Dreamers are at risk. Sexual assault in our military and on our college campuses is rampant. YET our elected politicians are concerned with tax breaks for the wealthy. Killing humans in foreign nations. Giving billions in financial aid to Israel. Worrying about Sharia Islamic Law.


Dear Mom and Dad- get to work saving my life!


Published on Jul 20, 2014

If you have children you MUST watch and share this video! It’s time to stop the madness and protect our children from America’s epidemic of gun violence! To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com




AmeriKKKa can’t police the world while ignoring issues at home that keep Americans in poverty, issues that keep Americans under nourished, but mostly issues that keep America in 3rd world status.


If Barack Hussein Obama has concerns for freedoms and liberties being denied on this planet……start right here in The United States Of AmeriKKKa.










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  1. This is sorrowful, it is also a powerful statement of what is wrong with this nation and with the political machine we call our representative government. We, those of us who still give a damn must do more, we must take back the power from those who would destroy us and the nation in their search for the very last penny.


  2. The fiddler that plays the tune to which Bush, Clintoon, Bush,and now Obama dance, is Goldman Sachs.

    Banksters do not profit from Social Justice, nor from peace. Ever notice how corporate sponsored studies in Multiculturalism divide everybody into two tidy groups? “White” and “People of Color?” There is a reason for that, and it ain’t social justice.

    One side are the bad guys, and the other are the good guys, or so we are led to believe. What is held in common between both of these phony groupings is that they are being manipulated by powerful moneyed interests. If we ever stop going along with all of this color coded bullshit… they have reason to be alarmed. Why? Because if we can cut through this bullshit and unite, they have no play left. None.

    Just my $.02 Hope you are well, Mr. Jueseppi. Stay militant.


  3. Dear Jueseppi, when I first found you here at Mr. Militant Negro I signed on thinking, “There’s a man I respect. There’s a man to stand shoulder to shoulder with.” I was troubled by the inflexibility of the Obamacrat policy but seeing today’s blog has raised my respect for you even more.


    • I was confused on many levels about the administration’s policies on many subjects and I am the first to admit I don’t fully comprehend all the complexities of politics. This issue of years and years of ignoring some major problems in America, it is just unacceptable.


  4. I’m having my own crisis in regard to Obama due to the airstrikes in Syria. One of the reasons I voted for the guy is he was supposed to remove us from these foreign military entanglements. Clearly, that’s not happening.


  5. This was powerful and moved me to tears. I know how devoted you were to Barack and he has not behaved as he should have. I don’t know what his excuse is… I don’t think there can be any excuse. His lack of attention and action cannot be explained. 😦


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