2014 Mid Term Elections

Presidential Weekly Address: America Is Leading The World…In Black Genocide. In Racism. In Dumbfuckery.


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Weekly Address: America is Leading the World


Published on Sep 27, 2014

In this week’s address, the President reiterated the forceful and optimistic message of American leadership that he delivered in his speech before the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week.




Mensaje De La Casa Blanca






I used to be a followers and blind supporter of President Of The United States Of America, Barack Hussein Obama. I still support the concept of government and 75% of Barack’s agenda. Releasing videos such as this weeks Weekly Address titled “America Is Leading The World” make me wonder why I ever supported his Presidency. America leads the world in cutting benefits for it’s citizens. America leads the world in covert and blatant racism against it’s citizens. America leads the world in hypocrisy by fighting wars for the liberties and freedoms for foreign nations when right here in AmeriKKKa, citizens have no freedoms or liberties.


Women are disregarded as human beings. People Of Color are shot down in the streets by law enforcement. Members of the LGBTQA1 community have to fight to marry whom they love. U.S. military veterans have their benefits slashed to pay for corporate welfare. SNAP food recipients have their benefits cut to pay for wealthy tax breaks. The list of whats wrong in AmeriKKKa is too long to type out here, but if you’ve been paying attention, you know the turmoil this never great nation is embroiled in today.


Sticking our heads in the sand and making videos saying “America Is Leading The World” is almost as asinine as ignoring the murder of Black Americans by a law enforcement community/profession that almost weekly shoots to kill unarmed, innocent Black American citizens. We CAN NOT fight lack of freedom and liberty in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine or Palestine, when right here at home humans are being systematically slaughtered for being Black. We CAN NOT drop food and supplies to a mountain top full of refugees fleeing harm from ISIS rebels when right here in AmeriKKKa, citizens living below the poverty level are hungry, and hunted by our very own police and law enforcement agencies.



AmeriKKKa Is Leading The World. Just not in anything positive, worthwhile or good. Unless you happen to be caucasian, wealthy and part of the 99%….or racist.  AmeriKKKa does lead the world is bull shit. Just ask Women, People Of Color, Immigrants, Voters, The Poor and Veterans.





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  1. Reblogged this on Ace News Desk 2014 and commented:
    #AND2014 – Really nice post as usual, l also used to think Obama would be a great, fair President.
    Now seeing him treat people with such contempt and placing them and other countries in danger with the latest US-led coalition has led me the other way, as a UK Citizen l fear that Cameron following this rhetoric will lead us all into death and destruction.
    ‘ God Help the People ‘


    • I am a firm believer that no nation with as many negative issues at home, such as The United States Of AmeriKKKa has at home, needs to clean it’s own house before cleaning the world’s homes. AmeriKKKa is in no position to be concerned with freedoms & liberties abroad in foreign lands when freedom and liberty is absent in America.


  2. Jueseppi,
    I have a hard time expressing myself because a disability limits my ability to type everything I want to say. Also written messages across the internet come without facial expressions, inflections of voice plus tone and timing is lost too and leaves one open to misunderstanding and lots of hate…lots of hate. So I want to be very careful here.

    When Mr. Obama was elected President my first thought was, “It’s time. Now I can get my activism on.”

    For better or worse and for whatever reason I did get this done. Yeah I did a self check and okay, I did a couple of things that did good but I will say I didn’t do enough and I let my people, the American people, down and I let my President down.

    Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt were two presidents that oversaw two of the greatest periods of social change in our history; or ever. What they had in common is that both had to appear to be led by the people to effect any change.

    They in effect had to say, “I agree, this is the right thing to do. Now go out there and make me do it.” Plausible deniability isn’t quite the right term to use here but we may not have made it “safe” for him to “lead” us to social change. If he tried he may not have gotten a damn thing else done.

    Thinking back to the 60’s, hope was dashed first when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He had the charisma where maybe he could have led the change. Then they killed Malcolm, then Martin and then Bobby Kennedy was gone too and it got real dismal

    I have to mention President Johnson and say that as a southern white democrat the strides he made for civil rights were greater or had more teeth than if he were someone else from somewhere else.

    What’s a damn shame about Bobby being cut down was that he was reaching out to everyone black, white and brown all of whom could have given him a great mandate to lead social change. Being a Kennedy and an old hand at politics the one thing he would have stressed over and over again, “Get the vote out.” We’ll never know.

    After Bobby there was no one of his stature to take his place and I believe a white man is badly needed to a lead in changing things and I’m working on an explanation to this thought in a private email to you Jueseppi.

    Right after Reagan was elected President it brought about a political ascendancy just ripe for conservatives to get busy and boy did they with an aim to change the composition of the Judiciary and undo the liberal decisions of first the Warren Court and then the Burger Court. They’ve come close to succeeding. Except for Sandra Day O’Conner the Rehnquist court would have been a lot worse than it was but the John Roberts court has stunk. I think Clarence Thomas should have recused himself from many recent cases because he’s married to a lobbyist who usually sits on the side or works for one of the contenders and I hope someone can prove Scalia’s corruption before he does too much more damage.

    Before this happened liberals and conservatives weren’t that far apart and were known to work together now and then. Now with conservatives controlling the courts it’s easier and easier for rich corporations to give a new meaning to rape and pillage and with Citizens United behind them they’ve raised exploitation to an art form. With no more middle ground among are legislators and the economy eroding the middle class there’s a raft of people who are finding themselves in the same boat and exploited too.

    American people are more hung up on fixing the blame instead of fixing the problem and the vileness and hatred in the voices I “see” on the web makes me ill. The hate is so palpable I can almost taste it and it seems to come from ignorant, uneducated, gun-packing, evangelical super patriots intent on preserving their economic “well being” and Constitutional rights by denying us our rights to the same thing. (See, I’m not above fixing some blame.)

    I slept through this during President Obama’s and was shocked to see the intensity of this hatred when I finally woke up to it. The thing is these people should be working with us and not against us. Think of Kansas and then ask yourself, “How can they vote for the very party that is trying to screw them over?” I think they’re being lied to and being given emotionally charged non-issues and told that a vote for the GOP is the only moral choice available and that’s backed up by the arch conservative news media. They’re no longer thinking for themselves. and anyone who gets so angry by non-issues like the President’s salute or Benghazi are either stuck on stupid or just being an asshole…or both.

    Anyway, bottom line is I’m disappointed in the way Mr. Obama’s Presidency has gone too and I share the blame because I didn’t get my activism on much sooner. At the same time I’m not privy to the briefings he gets from people more capable than I and don’t know what he knows. I do know I’d hate to have to hold the middle or to be in the middle of such extremes


    • I had no trouble understanding your comment, and to be honest, your comment ranks as one of the top 5 sensible, logical and thought out comments I’ve read here. I am not as disappointed in Barack’s Presidency as you might be, but I am definitely pissed over how he handled the entire Ferguson and Michael Brown issues. This President has blatantly ignored the systematic murder of numerous unarmed Black Americans by law enforcement professional all across AmeriKKKa. It’s not just Michael Brown/Ferguson. The list is so big….


      Just to name a few, and this list is humongous.


      • Jueseppi,
        Thank you for your kind thoughts. Actually I’m way more pissed than my comments let on. I’m very upset about the killings. In fact, I was in the middle of a long personal email to you when I saw the news about Levar Jones. This message has been stirring in my mind for a month and I had a good head of steam going when this heavy news from South Carolina totally derailed me.

        I about wept when I read that Mr. Jones practically apologized for “making” this dumb shit cop shoot him.What’s especially distressing is that we are being moved from tragedy to tragedy so quickly that these events are in danger of sliding under the radar as they age and we mustn’t let this happen because this is what the guilty are hoping for.

        Michelle Alexander says Jim Crow is back and it’s working to become legalized. I believe her.

        Anyway, I’ll pick up the threads on this e-mail and get them to you soon.
        Thank you for letting me raise my voice.


      • In re-reading my first I noticed some mistakes and I need to correct that about “time to get my activism on.” For better or worse and for whatever reasons I DID NOT GET THIS DONE. sorry about that.


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    It’s a disappointment to see that things have come to this. I voted twice, I was full of hope, I was hoping for change, I was happy for the Nobel prize … many made fun of me. I held on … SMH! I can’t forget LGBT rights either.


    • Exactly. LGBTQA1 rights in AmeriKKKa are almost non existent, they are getting better in most states, but still a long row to hoe ahead. Yet we view AmeriKKKa as the best this or world leaders in that.


      • I agree with you, bro. There was a time, in my very younger years, that I thought it was #1. Bear in mind that I lived in PR …. and even there’s a bad history with what has been done to PR!

        Anyway, I have learned better in my older, mature years ….. it’s heartbreaking. It’s sad and it’s not right. The veil is coming off my eyes and the mask is coming off of the country. Outsiders, meaning other countries have seen it and many are living …. the ugly american.


  4. Has someone failed to provide the President with the true statistics of what we are failing as a nation in? We are first only in those things we should be ashamed to be first in. It is pitiful and we should stop lying.


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