2014 Mid Term Elections

Two Images That Strike Fear In The Minds & Hearts Of Racist AmeriKKKlan.

Mr MilitantNegro™ Jueseppi B

Mr MilitantNegro™
Jueseppi B


I have never been one to tow the line. Never followed the beat of everyone’s drummer. Never wanted to be liked or well thought of……To be honest I just never gave a damn what others thought of me or what I did in my life. 

I posted these two images separately in the past 24 hours on Twitter  and it caused some pretty pathetic responses which I of course responded to then I spam blocked those stupids with several colorful images….which I can’t display here based on offending you good folk.

I had responses to include how the coming together of these 3 groups, The Bloods, The Crips and The Nation Of Islam were stupid, silly, dumb, a joke, not significant and so on. I was told these 3 groups were nothing more than gangs responsible for the deaths of more Black folks than ALL caucasians combined in America, including lynchings and murders by racist organizations.

The dumbass racists caucasians who tweeted this got it directly from jackass Bill O’Riley himself….the number one expert pundit on racial murder in America.

Now that set me to wondering just how many Irish, German, Russian, Asian and Italian gangs have slaughtered their own? The above mentioned gangs are well organized and have been dealing their brand of gang violence for centuries. Oh wait…..those gangs are of a “white” skin tone. My Bad. Never mind.

Oh yeah, when you sit and ponder facts & truth there are indeed two militant gangs bigger than any of the organized gangs mentioned above….law enforcement agencies in AmeriKKKa and The United States Of AmeriKKKlan Government, which includes their strong arm force: The United States Of America’s Armed Forces.



Scares the shit out of you racists because you never want to see Umoja between these groups of Black Americans…..cause if they unite and stay on one accord, your dumb backwoods cousinfuckin asses are in deep shit. The power of Umoja is not lost on you, even if your teeth are lost to you. 


I said I would not post the visual response I had to the racists Twitter tweets sent to me….I lied…..

Although this is a very serious post on a very series subject, I do hope you got a chuckle or a giggle…..no belly laughs are allowed.


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  1. As a 54 year old white woman raised in the South I can honestly tell you I would rather meet a really pissed off, armed, black gang member in an alley at midnight somewhere in the Bronx than to meet donald dumpster ANYWHERE in broad daylight! That pathetic moron scares the shit out of me! For real.

    I was raised to honor ALL people and since that pervert isn’t human, I think I stand a better chance in the Bronx.

    I LOVE your blog. You rock!


      • Thank you. Honestly, I’d rather hang out with you and get to know you. Hotels are overrated! Lol.

        Strike this post if it shouldn’t be here but i have to tell you that I am really scared right now. Trump’s lead has me shaking and feeling sick. Not everyone with white privilege is happy about having it. I long for a day when we can all be valued equally. I know both candidates are flawed but if he wins it will be Hitler all over again and it won’t be the whites getting slaughtered. I have the “privilege of not worrying about my son getting shot by a cop. What about my friend Jamie? He has a ten year old son. I love them both with all of my heart. The black community will be in so much more danger than they are today and today is bad enough.

        I can’t for the life of me understand how people can call themselves Christians and yet hatred oozes from every pore of their bodies. I don’t understand humans.

        If that son of a bitch wins I am packing up and moving back to Florence, Italy! I would rather be homeless in Florence than crazy rich in America. I wish I had never come back to the states all those years ago.

        I’m so sorry for being a “Debbie downer”. I really will understand if you don’t approve this post. I would love to stop in the Bronx on my way out of this country (maybe) and have a meal or a couple of drinks or just chill with you and your friends and family for a few hours. That would be a memory to cherish.

        My only alternative would be to kidnap the jerk and sell him to the highest bidding liberal sadist. Do you know anyone like that? Lol

        My heart is with all of my brothers and sisters tonight, all races, all religions – no boundaries.

        Love and hugs,



      • Hello Ms. Leah, my name is JB. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Now allow me to calm your fears a bit. Trump is bad, no doubt about that. He’s a lot less bad than Hillary and here’s why. Hillary Clinton was an evil, nasty, racists human being as Secretary Of State. She was responsible for the wars we see USA involved in abroad in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Congo, Gambia, South Africa, Afghanistan, Beirut, Lebanon. She is directly responsible for ISIS/ISIL being armed. She is the one who pushed thru her husband, Bill Clinton’s, 1994 crime bill that lead to mass incarceration of people of color. She is a leader in building the Prison Industrial Complex. She is responsible for the School To Prison Pipeline. Hillary has done so many nasty evil things in her political career. Now Donald Trump is a racist who talks and speaks whatever garbage that comes out of his mouth. BUT he is not a merchant of death. I would suggest you relax, take a deep breath and allow the dust to settle, then see what happens in USA.


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