The Militant Negro™

The American Peoples are the Adults, Part II

Gronda Morin

The politically savvy and the punditry world are still shaking their heads in disbelief as they watch their least favorable 2016 presidential candidates rise in the polls as they attract thousands who wait in line for hours to participate in their campaign events. Their chosen presidential contenders are being seriously challenged by the likes of the flamboyant republican tycoon, Donald Trump and the self-described socialist Senator of Vermont, Bernie Cruz.

It is my analysis that the bubbling discontent of the American citizenry is at a boiling point after being taken for granted for over two decades. They are registering their antipathy for the establishment.

It is a pox on all the government officials at all levels. While some leaders do take their jobs seriously, too many are more concerned about their own political hides, dialing for campaign funds and scoring “gotcha” points against their opponents to where they forget that they are supposed…

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