Dr. Jill Stein: My Prescription For Americas “ILL” Healthcare System


As a medical doctor and presidential candidate, I enthusiastically endorse the National Health Program proposed last week by Physicians for a National Health Program, which would provide healthcare for everyone without limitations, conditions or cost contributions.

This single-payer plan, also known as Medicare for All, is backed by thousands of doctors across the country. It would make healthcare a human right and put people, rather than profit, at the heart of our healthcare system.

It’s past time for a Medicare for All health care program with quality care for everyone, no exceptions.

Add your name to the call for Medicare For All today!

It is a national tragedy that the world’s wealthiest country has failed to provide the basic human right to healthcare, as virtually all other developed nations have done.

Having spent decades caring for patients, I am painfully aware that America is in a health emergency. Americans are leading shorter lives in poorer health than residents of virtually all developed countries.

A key factor in this health emergency is the shameful lack of affordable and comprehensive coverage. Each year an estimated 26,000 people die from lack of health insurance. That’s 3 people per hour.

The Affordable Care Act is just a band-aid on this unjust pay-or-die system. Fewer than half of America’s uninsured have gained coverage under the plan, and tens of millions will be shut out even after its full implementation. And underinsurance is epidemic, with skyrocketing copayments and deductibles that discourage people from using insurance even when they have it.

Like Mitt Romney’s plan that preceded it in Massachusetts, the Affordable Care Act was designed to enrich the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. An army of over 3000 registered healthcare lobbyists spent a staggering $1.2 million per day in the run-up to its passage. A widely supported public option initiative was declared “off the table” by then Senate Finance committee chair, Democrat Max Baucus, who received more campaign money from health and insurance industry interests than any other member of Congress.

In short, the Affordable Care Act is a fatally flawed product of a fatally flawed political system.


Medicare for All is the medicine we need.

PNHP’s National Health Program offers what Americans actually need: comprehensive cradle-to-grave health coverage, free choice of provider and hospital, and coverage of all medically necessary care without cruel and arbitrary restrictions set by profiteering CEOs.

In addition, the plan tames medical inflation, and saves a monumental $500,000,000,000 (that’s half a trillion) every year by slashing administrative red tape and bureaucracy, and through bulk purchasing of prescriptions.

It’s long past time to provide the American people the health care they deserve with an improved Medicare for all system.

Sign and share my call for Medicare for All now!

With your help, a Dr. Jill Stein administration will mobilize the majority demand for universal health care and work tirelessly to win health justice for everyone in our society.

It’s in our hands!


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