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Whole Foods Market Now Sells Invasive Lionfish

Repeating Islands


An article by Laine Doss for The Miami New Times. Picked up on this a little late for you to add lionfish to your Memorial Day BBQ–but there’s a;ways the 4th of July.

If you’re looking for something different to throw on the grill this Memorial Day weekend, why not consider some lionfish?

Though beautiful, this fish is an invasive species that is both aggressive to native sea life and prolific in its rate of reproduction, with females capable of laying up to 30,000 eggs every four days.

Lionfish, native to the South Pacific and Indian ocean, was first seen in our waters in 1985. With its mane of venomous spines, it’s now a top-level predator in the Atlantic and Caribbean, capable of causing damage to our natural coral reef ecosystems.

There is an upside to this dangerous sea creature: it’s delicious with meat that’s firm, white, and buttery…

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