Mister Silvio. By Candice Louisa


The man who
lived by the sea
he heard in the echo
of shells
his higher destiny
with quiver and stride
licking waves
he set sail to Italy
ensuring his mind
rise above that
of oppressed under
tyranical yoke
he is a mystery
perhaps shrouded in mist
I hear his conscience
it is loud and persists


Something I viewed a few days AFTER the November 8th, 2016 election, and it makes one wonder/think…..why this video was NEVER all over the news or in the media, like all the OTHER Trump campaign stops, rallies, appearances? I take a bit different view of Trump, whom I didn’t vote for. I voted Stein/Baraka, but I always wondered about the media forcing people to become Trump haters based on what THE MEDIA showed America about Trump.

I do NOT trust the American media, as far as I can throw them all.

Watch this, I’ll bet you never saw this until right now.

Why Black People Voted Donald Trump President Elect – DID Barack ever pledge this???


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