Trump Shreds The First Amendment

The Happy Traveler

“The first Amendment to the US Constitution, says that, ‘Congress shall make no law…abridging (limiting) the freedom of speech, or of the Press…’Freedom of speech is the liberty to speak openly without fear of government restraint,” according to Wikipedia.

Last Friday President Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer prohibited several news outlets from participating in the daily press briefing.  Included in this banned group were reporters for; The New York Times, CNN, Politico and BuzzFeed and most of the foreign press.  Earlier, Friday morning, the President had spoken to the Conservative Political Action Conference and said that, ‘Many of these groups are part of large media corporations that have their own agenda.  And it is not your agenda and it’s not the countries agenda, it’s their own agenda.’

The President said, ‘Fake News Media’ the ‘enemy of the people,’ and he listed NBC news along with ABC, CBS, The New York…

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