Colorful Carnival In Storm-Hit Haiti.

Repeating Islands

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A report from the Associated Press.

Haiti’s three-day Carnival festivities have brought rum-fueled parties, imaginative costumes and high-energy dance music to a southern city that’s still recovering from last year’s punishing Hurricane Matthew.

Revelers have danced and sang their troubles away for three days in Les Cayes, the biggest city in the southwest region slammed by the Category 4 hurricane in October. President Jovenel Moise decided to hold this year’s official events here to bring some revenue to the storm-hit area and show national solidarity.

Tuesday’s celebrations were the last major party day of Haiti’s Carnival, a mixture of Catholic pre-Lenten festivities and African, Spanish and native cultures found throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

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Costumed Haitians marched down the city’s main avenues: drummers who made their skin glisten with oil and crushed charcoal, dancing girls clad in matching outfits and bright head wraps, and shirtless men with intricately…

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