Alt-Right Trolls Are Posing As Boston Antifa



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The tightly-knit crews of friends and comrades involved in the grassroots antifascist organizing taking place in the Boston area have remained steadfast in their resolution and commitment to each other and the communities they’re part of, showing unwavering solidarity in supporting each other while overcoming recent obstacles. After an anti-president’s day march was attacked by riot police in Worcester, 7 comrades were arrested on a range of bullshit charges (help the legal aid fund HERE).

As if to add insult to injury, the local newsrag decided to publish the personal information of the arrestees within hours of their arrests. This public outing of these young activists as antifascists was not only a sadistic attempt at humiliation on behalf of the news publication, who claim one of their reporters was assaulted while trying to livestream the march – but the publishing of their information was careless and dangerous more than anything, because almost immediately they were viscously doxxed by…

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