Five Weird Caribbean Festivals And Events

Repeating Islands


Burying Vaval, Dominica

A report from News Americas Now.

Everyone knows the Caribbean has beautiful beaches and pristine waters, lots of sunshine and great food and rum. But in many islands, there are also weird events and festivals that offer another type of attraction. The Caribbean Tourism Organization recently released its Year of Adventure Content Guide, which included some of the unique events for 2017. Here are our top five picks.

Burying Vaval
On Ash Wednesday, a day after the end of Carnival, residents in Dominica’s Dublanc or Kalinago/Carib Territory hold a solemn funeral service for Vaval or the spirit of the Carnival. A real coffin is carried by persons holding flaming torches and everyone in the village is dressed in white. As darkness sets, they hold flaming torches and begin dancing, singing and shouting as a coffin is held aloft by six men. They sing and dance and…

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