Oregon Donut Shop Discriminates Against Vegan Employees.

Any denial of any basic right, such as if you are qualified for a job, but NOT a meat eater, that job should be available for you to apply for, whether you get the job or not. Disallowing vegans to apply for that donut shop position based on them being vegan IS DISCRIMINATION. And illegal by U.S. Constitutional Law.


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This blog post is a few months old now, but so relevant!  Having just read it I felt I should share this point of view:

A story broke a few days ago about a man in Portland who runs a non-vegan donut shop who doesn’t want vegans working for him. He asked in his help wanted ad that no vegans apply and apparently vegans across the web have been outraged due to his discrimination for vegan employees. I might be in the minority on this subject, but I don’t agree that this is discrimination against vegans, and here’s why.

Source: Oregon Donut Shop Denies Vegans Jobs and Why That’s Okay | thatdangvegan

Awesome point of view. I’m a vegan and a libertarian, so I agree that each business has a right to make its own decisions as long as they don’t violate anyone’s rights, even if I personally disagree…

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