Muslin Band: Dept. Of Homeland Security Report.

The Psy of Life

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber has had a lot of trouble keeping his campaign promises during his first few weeks in office, which isn’t surprising for a fella who is most influenced by the last thing he can remember on a subject #lastnightinSweden. He’s even had trouble with the Muslin band! Can you believe it? Liberal activist judges have struck down the band on the grounds it is unconstitutional. And all the Sorosite marchers have marched all over it!

muslingoodbadGood thing the Ol’ Pussy Grabber won’t take this without lying! He’ll see the court… in court!!1!Oh yeah, well, I’ll… I’ll… write another Muslin band that you can’t strike down! And, I’ll get my best generals at Homeland security to write me a report saying it is the bestest way to protect the country from evil Muslin!

Only, that didn’t happen either. According to national goddess, Rachel Maddow, the Homeland…

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