Question Our Concept of “Work.”

Openhearted Rebel

By Mike Blue,Wake Up World

For about twenty years of my life, from my last day on university campus, I would wake up each morning with the bleak prospect that for yet another precious day, I would sell my time and my soul to the highest bidder in this grand farce called work. For those two long decades, work was something I did consistently, obediently, and for the most part unconsciously.

Today however, like all of my days now, I wake to no such prospect.

It is an hour before the sun will send its first rays of today through the palm tree army lined up on the far side of the bay. It is the last day of my current stay here in Sorake Beach, Sumatera. I plan to trade this day, when it shows itself, for a lasting impression in my mind of all of those things…

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