Nights With You


Allison Grayhurst


Nights With You



After all the marvel has flown

and the egg is minced inside

its nest, I feel you in my sleep

as a babe feels its mother’s breast,

or a tribe its evening song.


I feel my skin brushed with gravel,

feel doubt sealing me inside its zoo,

feel my hope sink like money into a reeling sea,

then you with your labyrinth of love,

discover new ways to restore me, to hold me

close to your taut belly and drown

my breathing on your flesh.


I cross through the cabin doors. I soar within

November skies. My secrets are no longer mine.

And morning finds me strong in my footsteps,

patient once more.



Copyright © 1998 by Allison Grayhurst





First published in “Chicago Record Magazine” March 2017





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