Abortion Is NOT Murder

ProAbortion & ProChoice is ProLife

I’ve been away for a while as I’ve been busy and sick as well (bronchitis, related to my childhood, nothing to do with abortion as anti-logic, anti-life, anti-choicers may want you to think).

I received another hate comment which, I admit I did not read in full for I was laughing half through the first line. SO, I blocked it,

She said abortion for convenience is wrong. No. Having birth because you are too small minded to understand it is cruel, immortal and wrong for it impacts an unwanted child (if indeed it is unwanted for any reason).

Yes, I said unwanted, for that’s what an unwanted pregnancy is.Now, to any woman wondering if abortion is wrong, cruel or murder, since I’ve been gone for so long, let me remind you. NO IN NOT ANYWAY WHAT SO EVER IS ABORTION MURDER


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