world extends frozen branches
with icy-jeweled, cruel hearts –
your wandering self shivers

hold out your hand
limbs burn
leaving red marks on exposed skin –
you’re numb with bitten touch

open your mouth
berries stick
peeling buds off tasting tongue –
you spit out bloodied words

brush to the side
leaves crackle
reminding ears of love’s warm fires –
you moan homesick desires

stare closely
ice reflects
blinding eyes with dazzling sparkle –
you squint, shed many tears

breathe in
scent disappoints
leaving nostrils cold and vacant –
you sneeze rejection’s virus

journey home
steps quicken
sparks awaken all your senses –
at hearth, rekindle your soul’s flame


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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(Inspired by my oldest son’s return for spring break. There’s no place like home.)

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