Judaism Is Racism With A Kosher Seal Of Approval

The Ugly Truth


YNET – Traditional Judaism does not believe in equality between Jews and non-Jews, between men and women, or between scholars and the uneducated. The discrimination against Sephardim may not be according to the Bible, but it’s definitely prescribed by rabbis.

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  1. Actually Jews are pretty freaking awesome. They don’t get in peoples faces and push their religion and I have found it to always be extremely non-judgmental and very equal among men and women.


      • I’ve only just begun to ponder religion. I have always studied it from a young girl. Read all of the holy books many times from different prophets and such and found them fascinating. But as of late I am beginning to ponder what human beings have done with these writings and in some cases used them to divide and cause war which I don’t believe was their intended use.
        But that is just my take!


      • I have 5 doctors appointments scheduled for this month, and they are important enough to me that I can’t blow them off. I hate doctors. So I am in somewhat of a foul mood. My mind is not in a good place right now. One doctor appointment is for a defibrillator conversation, whether I will allow one to be installed into my chest, specifically into my heart, that has me angry and researching if it is a necessary surgery. Other than that, the usualy garbage of life. How are you and The princess doing?


      • I can understand why your mind wouldn’t be in the right place. 5 appointments is a lot and a defibrillator is a big decision. I’m sure your plate is just overfull and your mind is overburdened! What are the pros and cons of this defibrillator? I hate doctors too. Really really cannot stand going through the process. I always feel like herded cattle just waiting for my branding or herding or my turn in line. There are many bloggers who say they are doctors and talk about their patients and I think that makes me feel even worse about it. Reading their thoughts and how they are called “doc” as if they are superior because of their degree. We are all just fucking people. I think if everyone were just called by their first name and were not entitled by their TITLE maybe that would help. Who knows.
        My current doctor who is treating the lyme disease just likes to be called Kim. No ego. Just plain ole Kim. I respect her even more.
        I’ve had a stupid cold all last week so I have been in a bit of a fuss myself. My sweet one is doing a heavy metal detox from having so much testing done her body is high in the CT/MRI/radioactive heavy metals so she is taking things to bind and flush them out. Maybe this will help her recovery. I hope.


      • I am hoping & wishing The Princess gets better quickly and hope you get over the cold. I have been told I have a serious heart problem due to the diabetes but I feel nothing. I have no chest pain or no symptoms of heart troubles, just going on what doctors say to me from test. As I don’t trust them, there is a doubtful mindset I have about the entire thing. I am thinking about telling them to go fuck off after I talk with this defib surgeon, then I will know what to do.


      • I’d be interested in the surgeons thoughts for sure! When my girl needed her gallbladder removed it was the surgeon that made all the sense and helped us with the decisions. I hope the surgeon gives you the right info so you can make the decision that you are ok with. Who cares what they think. They can give their opinion but it is your life so you get to choose.


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