Violated – Sarah Wilson

Violated – Sarah Wilson, a review

I have just finished reading Sarah Wilson’s book, Violated. I do not think I have ever read a book that has taken me on such an emotional journey; one minute you feel burning anger the next you feel overwhelming sadness. Having read this book I now realise why people like Sarah want to be known as survivors not victims. I find myself full of admiration for a young girl, and at twenty three she is still that, who has gone through more in her short life than I have in my sixty eight years; and has come out the other side a true survivor. This also holds good for her mother who has faced life changing tragedy and still shows overwhelming love for her children and grand children.

This book charts what should have been, under normal circumstances, Sarah’s formative years; but for her they were far from normal. At eleven years old she becomes a victim of sexual grooming leading to sexual exploitation that goes on for many years; and is treated in the most vile way. She is plied with drink and hard drugs and suffers on a daily basis multiple rapes; which for her and many like her becomes a normal way of life. All the perpetrators were English Heritage Pakistani men, but ironically it is a Pakistani man who rescues her. On a positive note Sarah makes it clear that not all Pakistani men are paedophiles. During this period of her life, and since, she was badly let down by social workers, care home staff and the police and of course Rotherham Borough councillors who covered up this vile crime.

Just at the time when she was attempting to get her life back to some kind of normality her younger sister was brutally murdered; and even with this the police did not take her sisters disappearance seriously. She and her mother had to organise their own search party, and it was them that made the grim discovery. It was a so called honour killing by an English Pakistani man.

By the end of the book, being some one who has read fully the Jay and Casey reports; my anger at the police and the cowards that are Rotherham Borough council, has done what I believed it never could do; it has increased. I would urge every one to read this courageous young ladies honest account of her traumatic experiences of life.

I hope Sarah that you and all the other survivors get justice, and that you and your family are able to finally live a long and happy life.

Dave Smith

Citizens, not serfs

Source: Violated – Sarah Wilson, a review

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