Bedtime Stories: “Sleepy Toes” Spotlight/Giveaway

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Bed time stories.  The perfect end to every child’s adventure filled day! Debut author, Kelli McNeil, proudly announces the launch of her first children’s book, SLEEPY TOES, published by Cartwheel Books, an imprint of Scholastic.

One cannot help but smile when thinking back to that “final call” of the day.  And as we plunked under the covers smelling of Ivory soap or Mr. Bubble, the giggle-fest began as our hearts and minds raced with gleeful anticipation for our favorite stories.  Once settled and “finally” tucked in nice and cozy, mom or dads soft melodic voice would carry us away down peaceful ‘Slumber Lane’.  When Kelli was a child, her grandmother (to whom the book is dedicated) would begin their evening bedtime story routine by saying “Your toes are getting sleepy very very sleepy, your feet are getting sleepy very very sleepy your legs are getting sleepy very…

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