Yemen Vital Conflict

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Saudi Arabia has been bombing the crap out of Yemen for about 2 years and the US has been holding their hands behind the scenes during all this conflict.

SecDef Mattis has stated that the US should get involved more in the Yemen conflict because of the vital interests the country holds.

Defense Secretary James Mattis has been reported recently to be pushing for deeper direct US military involvement in the Saudi invasion of Yemen, and it seems he’s getting backing from top Pentagon brass as well, with the Central Command chief Gen. Joseph Votel today arguing that the US has “vital interests” in participating in the war.

Officials are falsely presenting the US as basically uninvolved to this point, despite US in-air refueling operations and naval participation in the blockade of ships to Yemen. Votel also focused heavily on the idea of Iran being involved in the war, despite…

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  1. I’d venture to say that if the US would leave the middle east…totally including leaving the Saudis and Jews…all the factions would figure out peace…leave Turks too


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