Bare Essentials

Allison Grayhurst


Bare Essentials


I waited on you,

now I am free to let the waiting go.

I give you back the burden of setting things right.

I give you back the long walks carrying

a weight I could not control, the tightness

circumventing my throat and my days never perfect

because of senseless lack – I give it back to you,

the fallen star, the third-degree burns,

the collection of my fears and disappointments.

I cannot hold it any longer. My own voice betrays

me – desperation has mutated me, but not

anymore. You can hold all these inadequacies

and the stark gravity

of survival – you can create love out of nothing,

bring destiny to our doorstep, take all this debt

and impossibility and raise it over the threshold.

You can take

this crippled breath and paint it fresh and easeful.

I give it back to…

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