Anti-Abortionists Terror Tactics Targets Women Inside Clinics

ProAbortion & ProChoice is ProLife

Well, if abusing women verbally, emotionally and stalkig, harassing, judging, or spreading false information about abortion, creating myths and lies that don’t exist(breast cancer has no link to abortion, EXAMPLE), posting online deceiving misinformation in addition to photoshopped photos or images of miscarriage fetuses or still borns,claiming them to be aborted fetuses, lying and accusing, name calling, posting more hate and false info via scare or shame tactics onmessage boards and social media, not to mention the racism of antis who try and make people think abortion is “Black or Hispanic genocide”, which is BS but not all they do. A few more deceptive things online to watch out for; these antis are now posing as fake abortion clinics online and maintaining the facade until they quote “have her” and she’s totally fulled. They even went so far as to not only pay for front page location…

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