The Good News Newsletter: April 6th, 2017

From The Week.com:

The Good News Newsletter: 

1. New Jersey high schooler accepted into every Ivy League school
Will she choose Columbia? Or maybe Yale? What about Harvard? Ifeoma White-Thorpe is still trying to decide which university she wants to spend the next four years of her life at, but it won’t be easy — the New Jersey teenager was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, plus Stanford. “I want to go into global health and study biology, and so many of them have great research facilities, so I was like, ‘I might as well just shoot my shot and apply,'” she told ABC 7. Ifeoma, who is student body president and won the national Selma Speech and Essay Contest in 2015, graduates this June, and her parents say it is entirely up to her which school to attend; Ifeoma thinks it will most likely come down to the best financial aid package.

Source: ABC Los Angeles

2. South Carolina teacher raises enough money to buy every student at her school a bike
In North Charleston, South Carolina, there are 650 proud new bike owners. Last year, Katie Blomquist, a first grade teacher at Pepperhill Elementary School, was talking with a student who said he would love a bike of his own. She wanted to help him with his dream, and knew that because her school serves many low-income families, he wasn’t the only student who couldn’t afford a bike. Blomquist set up a GoFundMe to raise enough money to purchase a bike for every Pepperhill student, and received $80,000 in three months. “It’s the basic childhood right,” she told ABC News 4. “It’s joy. Every single child deserves that, and a bike is one of the top things that represents that.” A store in town, Afford-A-Bike, designed and put together the bicycles, which were delivered last week along with helmets and locks to the surprised — and ecstatic — students.

Source: ABC News 4

3. This blind and deaf puppy is learning how to bring comfort to others as a therapy dog
Erin Baxter and her family didn’t expect to adopt Ruby, a blind and deaf puppy, so soon after the loss of their elderly dog Scarlet, but when she climbed into the lap of Baxter’s daughter Avery last year, they felt it was meant to be. 

Ruby, who was likely born blind and deaf due to careless breeding, loves sitting with people at her home in Florida and licking their faces, and is now learning how to be a special kind of therapy dog. The Baxter family thinks she will be able to connect with a lot of different groups, including veterans with PTSD and children who have recently lost their sight. “She is special and perfect and amazing,” Erin Baxter told Today. “She is not disabled in my eyes. She’s just her.”

Source: Today

4. 7-year-old gives his Nintendo to grieving cops
When 7-year-old Brady Duke heard that a local police officer had been shot dead in the line of duty, he knew he had to help. The Wisconsin boy packed up his prized Nintendo Wii and his favorite video games, and donated them to the Wausau Police Department with a note thanking the officers for keeping his family safe. Touched by his generosity, the department invited Brady to play Wii with the officers. When Brady showed up, the boys in blue gave him a new Xbox 360 console. Brady “just has a really big heart,” said his mom, Jessica.

Source: KTLA

5. This 5-year-old loves Costco so much, she made it her birthday party theme
No one can resist the siren call of Costco, with its free samples, piping hot pizza, and Kirkland Signature everything, least of all 5-year-old Kimber Walker. Kimber loves shopping at the members-only warehouse club, and for the past two years, has requested a Costco-themed birthday party. “She’s pretty quirky, so it goes right along with her personality,” her mother told Inside Edition. When it came time for her to celebrate turning five, her parents were happy to fete their daughter with the bulk-sized party of her dreams, with the Walkers transforming their North Carolina home into a small-scale Costco. Guests were served sample-sized portions of party food and decorated their own membership cards. Kimber wore a Costco employee badge made at her local store, and ended the party by digging in to a chocolate cake featuring Costco’s logo and the words “Employee of the Month, 5 Years of Service.”

Source: Inside Edition


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