Anti-Fascists Also Known As: AntiFa.

From The Urban Dictionary.Com:

Short for (militant) anti-fascists.

Middle-class champagne socialist/communist/anarchist white boys who don’t like nationalists or fascists. They consider themselves to be rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views.

Antifa only dislike racism when its carried out by whites, and do not have the bottle to stand up against anti-white racism; leading to many people on the right to refer to them as ‘traitors’. I’d rather just call them morons.

Most are teenagers and university students who grow out of the fad when they start paying taxes.

Antifa is stupid.

Thank you The Urban Dictionary

Democracy Now! has uploaded White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis & Right-Wing Militia Members Clash with Antifa Protesters in Berkeley

Now that we have that cleared up…here’s what pisses me the fuck off with caucasians who take up the cause/fight against racism for self-serving bullshit reasons.

Remember this shit right here…..

As  a grown ass adult Negro Man, I do NOT need nor want a caucasian who believes they are my only savior for survival in a racists world I have lived in, AND SURVIVED IN for 57 years.

This garbage is a joke and here’s why…..

From The Huffington Post.Com:

Dear White People, Your Safety Pins Are Embarrassing

We don’t get to make ourselves feel better by putting on safety pins and self-designating ourselves as allies.

By Christopher Keelty, Contributor

11/12/2016 04:46 pm ET | Updated Nov 14, 2016

Seriously? This is a thing now? Wear a safety pin to show “you’re an ally?” So immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ people, and others who were targeted and persecuted and (further) marginalized by the Trump Campaign will know they’re “safe” with you?

No. Just no. Please, take it off.

Let me explain something, white people: We just fucked up. Bad. We elected a racist demagogue who has promised to do serious harm to almost every person who isn’t a straight white male, and whose rhetoric has already stirred up hate crimes nationwide. White people were 70% of the voters in the 2016 election, and we’re the only demographic Trump won. It doesn’t matter why. What matters is there’s a white nationalist moving into the Oval Office, and white people — only white people — put him there.

We don’t get to make ourselves feel better by putting on safety pins and self-designating ourselves as allies.

Marginalized people know full well the long history of white people calling themselves allies while doing nothing to help.

And make no mistake, that’s what the safety pins are for. Making White people feel better. They’ll do little or nothing to reassure the marginalized populations they are allegedly there to reassure; marginalized people know full well the long history of white people calling themselves allies while doing nothing to help, or even inflicting harm on, non-white Americans.

Remember the white guys in the 1770s who wrote all about freedom and equality and inalienable rights? Remember how they owned and sold slaves? Yeah, if that’s the spirit you want to evoke, go ahead and wear your safety pin. I’m sure lots of white people will smile when they see it. They might even congratulate you. But immigrants and people of color will recognize it as a symbol of your privilege.

Also, you know who is going to be out wearing safety pins like crazy? Trump voters.

If you really want to be an ally, and make a difference for the people harmed by Trump, there are plenty of ways to do that. In fact, here’s a link to a whole list of ways you can be a better ally to marginalized communities. Unfortunately, few of them will provide the kind of visibility or reassurance that you think your safety pin will.

I know, I know, you’re uncomfortable. You feel guilty. You think people are going to suspect you of being a racist, and you want some way to assuage that guilt and reassure your neighbors that you’re one of the good ones. But you know what? You don’t get to do that. You need to sit in your guilt right now. You need to feel bad. So do I, so do all of us. We fucked up. We didn’t do enough to change the minds of our fellow White people. We unfriended them instead of confronting them. We looked the other way or laughed uncomfortably when our aunts and cousins made racist comments. We were content then to be one of the good ones and now we want congratulations — but we fucked up, and now other people are going to pay the price.

Because guess what: Even if you aren’t a racist, you still benefit from racism. I’m a white guy with money. This isn’t going to hurt me much. Yes, I’m bisexual, and therefore subject to some of the threats against marginalized groups. But it’s highly unlikely I’m going to be told I’m not American, or picked up by ICE and held in detention until I’m deported, or beaten or executed by police who decide my mere existence presents a threat to their safety, or denied the right to make my own decisions about my own medical care. For the most part, I’ll go about my daily life the way I always have — and if I want to, I can put a safety pin on my shirt and congratulate myself for being so woke, for being one of the good ones. Meanwhile I’ll be benefitting, every minute of every day, from a system that is designed to favor me over people whose skin looks darker than mine.

Don’t do it.

If you really need some way to show your support, if you just can’t bear to sit in your discomfort for even a little bit longer, here’s my suggestion: Instead of doing the thing white people invented to make ourselves feel better, follow the example of the people from the marginalized communities you want to support.

I recommend carrying a big sign. You can make your own, it’s easy. On the sign you should write, in big bold letters, “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

And hey, if you want you can use your safety pin to fix it to your shirt.

This post originally appeared on Christopher Keelty’s blog

Not to mention racists turned this safety pin fiasco around in their favor for their own racists gain.

Here we go again……..


Antifa (from anti-fascism) is a term commonly used to describe often criminal and violent groups which attack organizations and individuals claimed to be “fascist” or “racist“. Many openly admit that the goal is to deny their opponents freedom of expression and organization by using intimidation and violence.

Their targets may not even be race realists or nationalists but simply be critical of the mass immigration or have other less politically correct views. They only attack Whites, never non-Whites, even non-Whites supporting non-White nationalism. Groups such as Muslims wanting to implement sharia laws are ignored. There are numerous examples of antifa by mistake criminally attacking wrong targets.

Several groups refer to themselves as “Anti-Fascist Action” in the respective language of the countries they operate in with “Action” referring to the euphemismdirect action“.

Antifa groups often claim to be social anarchist or Trotskyist. The social anarchist variants are usually loosely organized networks of largely independent groups.

More covert motivations may include thrill-seeking from committing crimes and non-Whites supporting their own perceived group interests by trying to prevent Whites from supporting White interests.

Jewish antifa activists opposing White identity see their activism as an affirmation of and celebrating Jewish identity — both religious and secular.[2] See also Jews and immigration.

Antifa criminal activities are very often misrepresented by and covered-up by politically correct mainstream mass media which often ignore that the groups often even openly (but anonymously) state their criminal intentions and brag about committed crimes.

There are often associations with other forms of far left criminality such as criminal pro-illegal immigration activism, criminal animal rights activism, criminal environmental activism, criminal squatting activism, criminal pro-abortion activism, and other variants (similarly often misrepresented and covered-up by the mainstream media).

Another association is with various “anti-racist” surveillance organizations/papers where criminal antifa activists may work, gain surveillance information needed for crimes, and/or receive other forms of support.

Non-White participants may have associations with organizations supporting the interests of non-Whites and which would be labelled as “White supremacist” if instead being pro-White organizations.

Now we’ve all heard of Black Lives Matte a legitimate organization taking up the fight against discrimination, genocide and injustice against ALL People Of Color. We’ve also ALL seen & witnessed the character assassination of this group, Black Lives Matter, in the main stream media, by corporate owned talking heads.

Black Lives Matter is a real movement, not some fake ass made up opportunity for a bunch of caucasian assholes to get together and riot….as is the case for this antifa bullshit. The recent riots and disturbances at UC Berkeley are evidence to this being a factual description of what antifa is and is all about,….causing chaos.

Now here we arrive at my favorite part of this blog post, calling out the lying, fake ass news: main stream media.

There has been very little said/reported/discussed when it comes to the violence and property damage caused by antifa rallies, gatherings and flat out rioting in the past few months.

Now think back to every single demonstration for the past 5 years where Black Lives Matter marched everytime an UNARMED Person Of Color was executed by a KKKop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now try real hard to find a police presence at ANY antifa rally, demonstration, march.

Antifa: Free Speech Protesters Chase Out AntiFA at Berkeley

Published on Apr 15, 2017

Well, we’ve now started to reach the point where the violence that used to be started by one side is now becoming reciprocal. This is not going to end well for the Special Snowflake Brigade.

Antifa: Battle of Berkeley 3 as Antifa circled the park

Published on Apr 15, 2017

Antifa was throwing fireworks to create loud noises to cause Free Speech supporters to pull back and allow them to enter and violate the laws of the park. They were unsuccessful.

Antifa is allowed to to do all seen in the above videos, while Black Lives Matter was crucified for a few windows broken and fires set by anti Black Lives Matter trouble makers sent to infiltrate the ranks of peaceful protesters by KKKops and law enforcement officials.



Antifa is not fighting for racial equality. Antifa is not a movement to protect People Of Color from KKKop genocide.

There is ONLY one movement that fights discrimination against ALL humans, that wants Equality For All Humans, That stands & marches for We The People Of Color.

It. Is. Not. Antifa.

It. Is. Black Lives Matter.


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