Huffington Post Newsletter: April 20th, 2017


Thursday, April 20

BILL O’REILLY IS OUT The Fox star has been let go from the network following a mass exodus of advertisers over sexual harassment allegations. Executives at Fox reportedly fear more will come out in the coming months. O’Reilly’s name has already been scrubbed from “The Factor,” a show he hosted to much acclaim for 20 years, and Tucker Carlson is taking over his time slot. This is what Twitter thinks O’Reilly will do next. Here’s how the rise of President Donald Trump led to O’Reilly’s fall. And take a look at the timeline of the “nine and a half months that shook Fox News.” [HuffPost]

THE WHITE HOUSE SUPER BOWL SHOWING WAS A BIT LACKLUSTER Tom Brady had to stay home for “family matters.” But who didn’t love Rob Gronkowski crashing a Sean Spicer briefing? [HuffPost]

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS DEPORTED DREAMER “At stake is whether the Trump administration can credibly claim that it isn’t targeting DACA recipients, even as the president brags that he has unleashed immigration agents to make their own decisions about whom to remove from the country.” [HuffPost]

THIS MOM FILMED THE POLICE WHILE HER 10-YEAR-OLD SON WITH AUTISM WAS ARRESTED The child then spent the night behind bars. [HuffPost]

UC BERKELEY POSTPONES ANN COULTER TALK Over “fears of violence.” [HuffPost]

WHAT A WASHINGTON POST HEADLINE “Roger Stone helped Donald Trump Get Elected President. Now He’s Helping Himself.” [WaPo]


HAVE AN AMAZON ECHO? You can now ask Alexa to listen to The Morning Email! Start your day with a quick update on the latest news by enabling our skill here. [HuffPost]

STOP THE PRESSES, SERENA WILLIAMS IS PREGNANT The GOAT is expecting (and might have won the Australia Open while pregnant), and we could not be more excited. Also, for those that don’t know what GOAT means, it’s Greatest Of All Time. Thankfully, we still have a sibling in high school to keep us hip to these things. [HuffPost]


SAY GOODBYE TO LATE NIGHT Why you should be worried about the impending Writers Guild of America strike. [HuffPost]

WE HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS ‘JUICERO’ NONSENSE Someone convinced a bunch of investors to put their money into something that literally squeezes bags of juice … which you could also do for free with your hands. [HuffPost]

EVE NEVER SAYS NO TO LEARNING Or sequels. We cannot wait for the “Life-Size” follow-up that Tyra Banks has signed onto. [Variety]


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