HuffPost Morning Email: Cinco de Mayo 2017

What’s in the health care bill the House GOP passed


Friday, May 5

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BREAKING DOWN WHAT HOUSE REPUBLICANS JUST PASSEDCheck out what’s in the health care bill House Republicans managed to pass after years of promises. Take a look at the winners and losers in the bill. Meet the 20 Republicans who didn’t vote for the American Health Care Act. Here’s what’s next for the bill, since the Senate plans to write its own version. Meet the players to watch on the Senate side. And Howard Fineman breaks down why the health care debate will never end.


UBER FACES CRIMINAL PROBE The U.S. Justice Department has started a criminal investigation into Uber’s use of its “Greyball” program — a software tool that allegedly helped “drivers evade local transportation regulators.”


WHY WAL-MART WANTS TO PATENT TECHNOLOGY THAT WILL TELL YOU WHEN YOUR MILK EXPIRES Think automatic delivery or email reminders of the grocery list items you need. [WSJ | Paywall]


CHECHEN AUTHORITIES: ‘KILL YOUR GAY SONS, OR WE WILL’ And some survivors allege families are following through.


DELTA IS THE LATEST AIRLINE TO FIND ITSELF IN HOT WATER After kicking a family off an overbooked flight over their 2-year-old’s seat.


THE STATE DEPARTMENT PROMOTED IVANKA TRUMP’S BOOK ON TWITTER Yes, that would probably appear to be an ethics violation.



CONGRATS TO JOE AND MIKA ON THEIR ENGAGEMENT The wedding of “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski could even be officiated by the president himself (he’s already offered!). And here are some of their cutest on-screen moments through the years.


FORGET WINTER Four “Game of Thrones” spin-offs are coming, and the fan-sourced titles for them are straight dragon fire.


‘S-TOWN’ JUST HIT 40 MILLION DOWNLOADS Prepare yourself for the onslaught of think pieces on how this is the golden age of podcasts. [Vulture]


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PREPARE For what could potentially be the worst tick season in years.


WHO NEEDS A PROM DATE When you have a prom pup — with a matching outfit.


YOU’LL THINK TWICE ABOUT LITTERING After seeing what your trash does to animals.

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