HuffPost Politics: May 8th, 2017

HuffPost Politics: Sally Yates testifies on Trump-Russia ties

HuffPost Politics

Sally Yates, the federal career prosecutor who served as acting attorney general for the first 10 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, told a Senate subcommittee on Monday that she warned a top Trump administration official that appointee Michael Flynn was “compromised” and “could essentially be blackmailed” by the Russians.

Flynn, then Trump’s national security adviser, provided information to Vice President Mike Pence that the Justice Department “knew to be untrue,” Yates testified. She described a meeting with White House Counsel Donald McGahn to discuss concerns about Flynn’s relationship with the Russian government.

“To state the obvious, you don’t want your national security adviser compromised with the Russians,” Yates testified.

Yates, who was deputy attorney general during the Obama administration, was acting attorney general when she was fired 10 days into the Trump administration for refusing to defend Trump’s first executive order on immigration.

Her firing quickly catapulted the former deputy attorney general into a viral hero as an “icon of the resistance” to the Trump administration.


Barack Obama called on Congress to have “courage” in the health care debate. His remarks came just days after House Republicans passed a health care bill that would cause millions to lose coverage.

Yes, it is definitely possible for the House and the Senate to agree on health care. Senate Republicans are already working with the leader of the House Freedom Caucus.

Texas’ new immigration crackdown appears to be headed straight to court. The new law, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday, bans so-called “sanctuary” policies that shield some undocumented immigrants from federal authorities.




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