Journey to Freedom.

Journey to Freedom.

“We often don’t need to be saved. We just need to be found and appreciated, for exactly who we are”. 


Freedom lies in being bold.


That’s ultimate freedom. That is the place where most of us strive to be. A place where we can feel the utmost sense of appreciation and love and understanding from others rather than the notion of needing to be anything more than what we truly are. Yet unfortunately, we manage to go through a life, filled with people who don’t understand us, never getting a real opportunity to feel what it feels like to be truly “accepted”. And for some of us, we only pretend not to care, when in fact it matters. We are ONLY human, right? BUT of course, society tells us that we shouldn’t be vulnerable or that we shouldn’t LOVE our authentic selves; and that we shouldn’t strive for QUALITY rather than the QUANTITY that this world so freely hands us, almost effortlessly. But if we don’t learn to truly understand ourselves and LOVE what we understand, how can we ever reach a place of freedom–ultimate freedom that is.

God only created us to be great. And greatness as we know it, can be measured by different standards, much of which society solely measures based on materialistic gain. What about internal greatness? How much have we grown from our younger selves? How have we moved forward and upward after many of life’s toughest lessons? How can we continue to plot against each other, destroy each other’s character, fight one another, and compete against one another, without first seeing that we are all on our own journeys to freedom??—some on a much longer, more complicated journey than others.

Freedom lies in being tenacious.


For some, “normal” is a nightmare, while this remains a mystery to most. And for others, “normal” means the luxury that life sometimes afford those who are set to receive it. One in the same, with or without, we are all human-beings at the most basic levels of life, making us all the same to God. It’s just so unfortunate to see that one’s scars can remain an open wound left unhealed at the hands of those who conveniently manipulate to “gain” for themselves. Instead of truly helping and giving people the proper tools to be better, most of us find it much easier to hate and tear down another person. Where has our Love gone for others? Where has our love gone for ourselves? For love first starts with us. That’s why the bible tells us, “To love thy neighbor as you love thyself” (Matthew 22:39).

Love can’t stem from a place that it doesn’t exist.

You first have to know who you are and understand that you nor others are a fixed replica of your negative life story or past. People can change for the better, even those with the worst pasts. You can change too, but compassion has to first exist and then grace can follow.

We expect God to have grace in our lives but we choose not to extend that to others. We expect support but show no support to others. We expect love but lack the desire to give it back in return. We expect respect but aren’t examples of it ourselves. We expect truth but fill our atmospheres with lies. We expect acceptance but judge others so quickly and relentlessly. The universe will only give you what you give it. So, look at what you’re giving before you ask for something else.

Freedom lies in being TRUE.


So, let’s take a long + hard look in the mirror and for once truly understand what we see. Let’s recognize the person under all the “stuff” we want others to see, which only distracts them from the parts that we don’t want shown. Once we can see ourselves fully and more openly, I truly believe that we’ll be able to see others and see them based on their worth. We’re all just trying to make it and we’re all just trying to walk down our path to better and we’re all just running through our Journey to Freedom.

Freedom is a mindset.

Think Free. Be Free.

Are you on your Journey to Freedom?

Xx♥, S.


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