My Bowl Of Precious Things. 

NOT MY SECRET...the journey towards healing from abuse

I am not attached to material items. Except the ones in this little bowl. This little bowl was given to me by the daughter of a hospice patient that was very dear to me. It is made from a tribe in some far away country that I cannot even remember. But I love it’s sentimental value.

The blue stone bracelet is from the same daughter, who gave me her mother’s bracelet as a way to remember her ( I will remember her forever in my heart anyway).

The elephant necklace is from my daughter. She picked it out for me for Christmas. It is a mother and baby that symbolize us. She knows my most favorite animal is an elephant as well.

My wedding ring, when I am not wearing it, is in this bowl. I remember the covenant I made, my vows, our vows, when my husband put this…

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