Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts Broccoli Asparagus Tomatoes

I don’t do recipes of my own making, on this blog, although I DO reblog many recipes from other bloggers. The reason for this is when I retired from the culinary world, I retired from the culinary world. At least when it comes to me posting my personal recipes. 

Over the Mothers Day weekend, I was “forced” to cater a dinner party on Saturday, thanks to my nosy “helpful” family members. On Sunday I did the traditional Mothers Day feast for my family.

As a result, I did an old favorite standby of mine and as usual, it was magnificent.

Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts Broccoli Asparagus Tomatoes

First some information: ANY vegetables you desire can be substituted for the vegetables I choose, these are my favorite ones but depending on the season and YOUR faves, you decide what to use in YOUR recipe. ALWAYS remember: cooking and recipes are very open for interpretation and ad-libbing. Thats why I adore cooking over baking, when it comes to the science of baking, you MUST follow the recipe to avoid disaster.

Slice the broccoli into bite sized bits and I use the entire broccoli, including leaves and stems, makes for a more nutritious dish. I slice the brussels sprouts in quarters, this helps speed up the cooking time and cooks them more evenly since brussels sprouts come in different sizes.

Asparagus, garlic and tomatoes are sliced next, but you can slice/dice these in any order you desire. 

Next comes the very important part, if possible use a cast iron skillet but knowing not everybody owns one of these, use what you have as long as it has a tight fitting lid/top. If you don’t have a tight fitting lid/top, use an oven proof plate to slide over the top of your roasting pan, if it fits. Topping up your roasting pan ensures the vegetables cook evenly and quicker as the heat is trapped inside the roasting pan.

I use as a seasoning, something I mix myself but any seasoning YOU desire will work just fine for you. My mix is just a guide: Smokey Paprika, Italian seasoning (Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Basil), Cilantro/Lime seasoning, Onion powder, Cajun seasoning ( any good Cajun seasoning will do). Once all this is assembled I pour Extra Virgin Olive Oil, red wine, lime juice/orange juice/lemon juice over this and add slices of butter to the very top of the vegetables. All these things will add flavor and a taste/aroma you will never forget. 

Pop this in a 400 degree oven on the lowest rack possible and bake for 40 minutes. Now depending on how well done YOU like your vegetables, this time is a guide ONLY. Longer time roasting for softer vegetables and shorter time roasting for more crispy/crunchy vegetables. Remove, allow to cool then plate it up, as a meal, appetizer or side dish.

Some suggestion: This goes well with fish…. any fish will work.

Perfect with chicken……..

Of course it is joyous over any pasta…….

Or even as a cold salad the very next day…..

Enjoy and remember, cooking is never as hard as it looks on cooking shows.


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