Why Good Doctors No Longer Prescribe Metformin

From…..  BloodSugarNews.Com

Dr Marlene

Until recently, diabetics looking for doctor-approved, drug-free treatment options were out of luck.

But a growing number of health experts believe those days are behind us.

Dr. Marlene Merritt (LAc, DOM(NM), MS Nutrition), an Austin-based doctor who used to suffer high blood sugar herself, made a recent announcement that is sending shockwaves through the medical community.

Dr. Merritt knew all too well that commonly-prescribed diabetes drugs like Metformin came with a host of unwanted side effects, and was determined to find a natural, drug-free solution that could actually eliminate the disease, not just treat its symptoms.

After months of research, Dr. Merritt developed a simple diet and exercise regimen that had a profound success rate in treating and even reversing type II diabetes.

Despite the regimen’s clear effectiveness, medical journals were slow to publish her findings, perhaps due in part, some have speculated, to financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

In response, Dr. Merritt took matters in to her own hands and shocked the medical community by partnering with independent health publisher Primal Health to make her diabetes-reversing regimen available to everyone in the form of an online presentation.

The video has already gone viral, generating a huge range of response.

Several viewers have noted the simplicity of the regimen, along with how non-restrictive the diet sounds.

Unsurprisingly, many in the pharmaceutical industry have taken issue with the presentation’s drug-free emphasis, but many doctors who have wished for a natural, drug-free treatment to share with their diabetic patients have been quick to embrace it.

Dr. Merritt herself cautions viewers to exercise common sense and only go off your medication with the approval of your doctor.


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  1. Thanks for following and I like your blog. There are a lot of MEDs that a not healthy and I feel the big biz of pharma harms more than it helps. Enjoy the day and wishing you many blessings.


  2. My wife has Type 2 diabetes, and is prescribed Metformin here in the UK. But they also give her an injection, to counteract any unwanted side-effects.
    Thanks for following my blog, Mr M. N. It is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • metformin has been clinically proven to destroy kidneys, and if there is an injection to reverse kidney failure, it is NOT been discovered yet. Understand docs work for big pharma, so if big pharma tells doctors to kiss ass, the docs ask them which ass should I kiss first. Medical professionals do not care about curing patients, they care about keeping patients dependent on drugs for their lives.

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