HuffPost Politics: May 24th, 2017

HuffPost Politics: Trump’s budget makes a $2 trillion error.


HuffPost Politics

Twenty-three million fewer Americans would have insurance under legislation that House Republicans narrowly passed last month, the Congressional Budget Office reported on Wednesday.

The agency also predicted the deficit would come down by $119 billion over the next decade ― and that premiums for people buying insurance on their own would be relatively lower than those premiums would be if the Affordable Care Act stays in place.

But the reasons health insurance would be less expensive for some aren’t much to cheer about, the budget report makes clear. Prices would come down for healthy people because those who are sick or have illness in their medical histories would have less access to coverage ― and the policies available on the market would tend to be a lot less comprehensive.

In other words, the price for lower premiums would be some combination of higher out-of-pocket costs, fewer covered services, and coverage that would be harder to get for the people who need it most.

Wednesday’s assessment of the American Health Care Act ― the House bill to repeal Obamacare ― is relatively similar to the evaluations the Congressional Budget Office issued previously, when it studied earlier versions of the legislation.


Trump’s proposed budget makes a really basic numbers error — to the tune of $2 trillion. The error was made when the White House tried to prove that massive tax cuts would pay for themselves and then some

The president has taken his brand of chaos to Europe, meeting with Pope Francis and government leaders in Italy. Many Italians can already express their impression of the new U.S. president with a single word: “pazzo.” 

It doesn’t sound like Senate Republicans are anywhere close to a deal on Obamacare repeal. “Where do I start?” one senator said when asked what the holdup was on health care negotiations.






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