Only A Man. 

Sweta Ojha

By Sweta OjhaA man who knows he is nobody to let you be the woman you are.

Only a man

Who knows I could be anyone

Without his permission to let me be

‘Cause I don’t remember guidelines

Of what’s to be done

And what am I supposed to be.

Only a woman

Who knows she should never be sorry

For being as crazy or weird in the societal heap

‘Cause I don’t remember guidelines

About a necessary tap on the shoulder

For living what I want to be.

Only people

Who know they are nobody to permit

To deny or judge another being

‘Cause who remembers guidelines?

To certain authorities

In charge of what I’d rather be.

P.S.This is a dedicated piece of writing to anybody who realizes he/she is not doing a favor just because he/she has let their female acquaintances live a life they deserve. We need to…

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