Another Unwelcome Change In The Climate



THIS is the current climate change sweeping across the country. Trump sewer-dwellers are fomenting this foolish nonsense that threatens the future of public discourse concerning divergent points of view.

Folks should be able to agree to disagree before resorting to physical assault that might result in a premature departure from this planet. These bottom feeders are disgusting.

Whether it’s a Borden milk cow look-alike waiting for roll backs on her husbands wife beater t-shirts from Fruit of The Loom at Walmart or an arrogant piece of shit GOP politician with skin too thin to be asked the simplest of questions…these assholes represent the itch of ignorance…they keep begging for it to be scratched.

The ultimate irony=The POS, posing as the POTUS they voted for, could give less than a damn about them. Just wait until their fucking healthcare premiums skyrocket higher than their exponentially expanding ignorance and stupidity. Dr…

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