5 Benefits Of Booking Tamarind For Breakfast

5 Key Benefits Of Booking Tamarind Restaurant For Breakfast

We liked it when it was quiet and private, away from the urban’s hustles and bustles. Would you believed that even in the city we can still run a life of peace and serenity? Well, we just did one relaxing break when we were invited and checked in Rotana’s 4-star Capital Centre Arjaan. We were so grateful that our booking included a breakfast for 2 in its Tamarind Restaurant. And here’s why.

1. Fine dining

Tamarind Restaurant is elegantly defined and built at the ground floor of Capital Centre Arjaan by Rotana. Its modern, well designed architectural interiors brings in a luxurious atmosphere to its guests. Getting into fine breakfast dining into restaurants like this is already a treasured moment. It felt like home. The only difference is that we were upgraded to one step up and a class ahead.

2. Cosy ambiance

The sophisticated and distinguished style of upscale dining in Tamarind Restaurant made our breakfast special. This stylish hub is so comfortable, restful, and pleasant. On top of it, its cleanliness is heart warming.

3. Wide selections  

Tamarind Restaurant is a must-try and must-dine. It serves bread and pastry assortment for its guests to choose on their own, it has array of fresh greens and vegetables for a do-it-your-own salad, and it has a line up of nuts and flakes that one can make a hearty cereal. Apart from scrambled eggs and cold cuts, there is a lot more to look forward to a Tamarind visit.

4. Great taste 

The tasty chicken sausages and Turkey bacon are top picks. Plus the heavenly delicious Belgian waffles and pancakes. Rice lovers need not worry for white steamed rice is also made available.

5. Money value

If you walks in and dine, breakfast buffet costs AED 95 per person. The food you get is worth the price. But what we suggest so that you can even save more, get your rooms with Capital Centre Arjaan by Rotana booked with breakfast because it will give you a privilege for 2 people.

Tamarind is truly recommendable. Visit Tamarind Restaurant to further get details about their all day dining information, rates, and promotions.


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