Poetry – Stardust in Her Veins

Raqi Raccoon

In this free verse poetry, “Stardust in Her Veins”.

You’ll want to appreciate everything around you. How the moon looks so brilliant with its illuminance, how stars are numbered. How the rain smells like a fresh new start. How the flowers stand out so colorfully, for your viewing. A free verse poetry and digital art piece simulating all this and more.

Image of free verse poetry

She was just a girl made of sun and moon.
Who can make flowers bloom
from the light, she holds within.
With every step she takes,
she leaves seeds in her wake.
She’s quiet on the outside,
but sunlight shines through her ribcage.
She’s quite shy, for the Moon only rises when
she tiptoes across the night.
But she’s what sprinkles stars,
in the blackest of a sky.
I’ve heard others say, that there’s stardust in her veins.
And when she hurts, you’ll see shooting stars.
And if you…

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