Monday Morning Reset [06/12].

L.S. Engler

Happy Monday, everyone! I almost thought I wasn’t going to get the chance to get this post out this morning, that it would be another Monday-Morning-on-Tuesday kind of week, but then I resolved myself to just stick it out, get it out quick and good, and you’ll be all set. I still want to squeeze out a potential submission to the Vignette Review before I had to get started on the part of my day that isn’t awesome writing stuff, since their submissions close today, but we’ll see (Nevermind, I got the day wrong by one; I’ve missed it, whoops!).

It’s been an interesting, busy week, so let’s break it down and have a look at what was accomplished and what’s still ahead:

Reading: I finally managed to finish Foxborn by Robert Allen Lupton, one of my World Unknown Review authors, a book with a really cool concept that I…

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