Fathers Day 2017: Gift Ideas For Dad.

Special # fathers day: 5 gift ideas that can please him for sure

Hello everyone, just J-2 of # fathers day , as they say ”  better late than never  “, I am very happy to share 5 # gift ideas that will please for sure to all # dads of the whole world. The first three are concepts appropriate to my father’s passions (outside his main job) , but I’m sure you’ll also love giving them to your dad, among others, a # wooden chicken coop , a # gardening tool Complete and # indispensable tools for do-it-yourself . The 4th idea: a # travel ticket from a city or a country of his dream, Will also surprise him . The latest idea is to offer her a # of fashion and beauty items for men .

Bla bla trèves, here in detail my special ideas party # 19 June 2016 to all dads:


# 1: A cheap wooden henhouse


Wooden henhouse


Raising chickens is one of my father’s passions and for years he took pleasure in caring for his little animals in our garden. Nothing delights him to pick fresh eggs every morning. Look a little my mom inventing dishes with these organic products for our breakfasts, lunches or dinners. The treat!

Why a # wooden chicken coop for dad? Simply because unlike the hard, plastic henhouse … the one I am thinking of buying it is both ecological and insulating. The design of this kind of chicken coop would only enhance our garden.

That kind of equipment would have a long life, because my father would like to take care of it, I’m sure. If I decide to buy one, I will make sure to choose the chicken designed in thick wood and well painted, adapted to the number of its chickens, very robust and cheap obviously … Oh the pouuuuule! ^ O_o ^


A henhouse with chickens


# 2: A complete gardening tool at a low price


Picture garden


Gardening is still a recreation of my father at any season all year non-stop, he is in contact with mud. When he gets tired of taking care of his chickens, he goes to the garden to maintain his plants, essentially edible plants. My little mother does not have any problem to concoct the typical dish Malagasy: the ravitoto with pork , that is to say leaves of manioc crushed with pork, because she picks them in the garden cared for by my father.

No wonder lately, I thought that on the occasion of 2016 Father’s Day , why not buy a # dad gardening tool ? I want him to have good tools to become a good gardener while trimming his plants, working his soil, opting for a good weeding, watering his plants …

However, given that my budget is limited and that he already has the equipment he deems necessary, I have to choose between the following basic tools: spade, rake, shovel, secateurs, hose, size Hay, branch cutter, chainsaw, hoe, fork, snake, lawnmower, scarifier … It’s starting to become a jigsaw puzzle for me while wondering which one of these instruments will I give her?


spaderakesecateurWater hose

hedge trimmercutting-branchtranconeusehoe



# 3: Tools essential to DIY


Man doing do-it-yourself work


Some people think my dad is a good handyman while others say he is a # handyman on Sunday … too bad, J J J because tinkering is one of his hobbies. Not only on weekends, but even after work every day, he likes to do small DIY jobs as if our house is always stuffed with little tricks to remake in any kind.

I was so happy when the idea of ​​offering him a # handyman tool came to mind for # Father’s day . I said to myself, ”  That way, he will be able to properly maintain, repair, renovate and easily accomplish small works at home  .”

When I did the research on the net, I collected various tools for a beginner in DIY , although I judge that my dad is no longer in this stage … Which means that I have to choose between Gloves, goggles and masks … so that he can protect himself when he opts for cutting wood … A meter winder, a cutter … for small and large DIY home-made. A screwdriver, a screwdriver … for dismantling and assembling certain jobs. A nail box, a hammer, a level ruler … or a paint tray, a roller, a paintbrush: for paint jobs …


DIY glovesDIY work sunglassesMask for do-it-yourself jobsWinding meter

cutterscrewdriverscrewdriver drillNail box

hammerLeveling rulePaint trayroller



# 4: A travel ticket from a city or country of his dream


Fianarantsoa Madagascar
City of Fianarantsoa Madagascar: my father’s birthplace


Offering a # travel ticket to a city or a country of his dream will make any dad happy, and that, for sure. This gift idea came to my mind as it was a long time since my father could not visit his mother, our grandmother, who lives in another part of the big island: Fianarantsoa is 800 km The capital: Antananarivo where we currently live.

However, to make this a good surprise, certain points must be taken into account essentially that of planning the activities to be done in the city or country of destination. Now, I said to myself: ”  Since he has wished it for a while, there will be no lack of ideas of activities to make during this trip Fianarantsoa  “ .

Apart from visits to the countryside, my father likes to go to work in the rice fields when he goes down to his hometown. With the help of his brothers, he also loves to take care of their herd of zebu … As a distraction that attracts him most by going to the city ​​Betsileo ( one of the 18 Ethnies of Madagascar ), he likes to watch the fight With zebu  : one of the traditional sports of Madagascar .


Fianarantsoa Town Hall Madagascar


# 5: One of the fashion and beauty items for men

You know what ? This latest gift idea celebrates dads , it’s my fashion blogger side who claims it. Even if I only make posts for men on a particular occasion, especially the holidays , I take advantage of it, it’s my way of spoiling them, what! What will I offer my little dad:

  • A man outfit ? My father is not going to attend a # job interview , rest assured! But I’m going to base myself on an outfit that is both chic, sober and elegant so that at his age he will see his prince for a while.

Outfit man


  • Of children’s shoes ? I still care about choosing a good pair of shoes for my dad, because if it does, it will sublimate its appearance. I just want the shoes I offer him magnify his outfit, give a class tone to his set …

Shoes men

  • A bottle of man perfume? What to choose between woody scent, fruity, chypre, musky, floral …? What I want is that you blow me a little idea, because I have a doubt on what perfume man choose for my dad? Finally, I will ask my mother for advice or I will acquire the one closest to her temperament and her pace.

Men's perfume selection

  • A man watch  ? This mechanical suit should be chosen with care also in the face of a plethoric offer on the market. So that my choice will please my dad, I take care to take into account its design, either mechanical (manual or automatic) or quartz, sports watch or dressed. At his age, I’m sure he would prefer this very last, but who knows … In fact, he grants increasing importance to this masculine jewel par excellence and I hope to find one that will please him.

Watch for men

  • A man’s razor  ? It is also the best idea that came to my mind, because my father takes all his time in front of his magic mirror to take care of his beard and thus his face. It will delight him, I’m sure if I give him the occasion of Father’s Day an electric razor. Like other men, my father will not miss this technological gem.

Electric shaver

To close this post, here is a picture in a picture to say in all tenderness the affection and love we have with respect to our father:

Happy Father's Day


Here, I finished my special post 2016 Father’s Day by suggesting 5 gift ideas. I would like to remind you that these are a cheap wooden henhouse , a complete garden tool at a small price , tools essential to DIY , a ticket of a city or a country of his dream and a fashion and Beauty for men. But, the best gift we can offer our dad for this June 19, 2016 is to tell him how much: ”  I love you Dad, because without you I never existed. I wish you a happy and long life!  “.


my father
“Tiako ianao ry Dada” “I love you Dad” You took so much care of me by being very small and even until now … long life to you! Photo souvenir of my big sister (left), my father (middle) and me (very bald, right)


I am anxious to know in comments: what gift have you already packed for your father or thought to offer him, but who is not on my list? Or, after reading this post, are you seduced by which of my 5 gift ideas to offer him?

Come on! Your keyboards !



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Coucou tout le monde, à seulement J-2 de la #fête des pères, comme on dit « mieux vaut tard que jamais », je suis très heureuse de vous partager 5 #idées cadeau qui vont plaire à coup sûr à tous les #papas du monde entier. Les 3 premières sont des concepts appropriés aux passions de mon père (en dehors de son principal boulot), mais je suis sûre que vous allez aussi adorer les donner à votre papa, entre autres, un #poulailler en bois, un #outil de jardinage complet et des # outils indispensables au bricolage. La 4ème idée : un #billet de voyage d’une ville ou d’un pays de son rêve, va aussi lui surprendre. La toute dernière idée, c’est lui offrir un des #articles mode et beauté pour hommes.

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